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Personal Branding and Stress Management

I interviewed Jordan Friedman, the Stress Coach,[] for the Reach Personal Branding Interview Series [] this past week and he said something very powerful: When you can align your values and passions with what you do and how you do it, you gain energy and reduce stress. Sounds simple, but how many of you feel aligned? Does you current role allow you to integrate your passions? Are you values compatible with your organization’s values?When I work with clients on the first phase of the personal branding process, Extract, I help them unearth their values and passions (along with other elements of their brands). Self discovery is critical not only to the personal branding process, but also to understanding and managing stress. Do you know your top five values? Your greatest passions? … [Read more...]

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Being the Connected Brand.

In everyone’s myth of the time deprived world, comes those moments of every busy executive or entrepreneur when they must ask should I stay or should I go? (Can you just hear the music from "The Clash" in your head now?) What I’m referring to are the dozens of networking events that bombard us via email, text, fax, snail mail, flyers, bulletin boards, updates and newsletters.They could be industry luncheons, professional women’s groups, professional men’s groups, chamber mixers, meetups, tweetups, structured networking events, after hour mixers, open houses, ribbon cuttings – you name it in the busy business person’s world there are a slew of events that come your way (much like the slew of advertising venues that attack you when you go into business...I know my fellow entrepreneurs can relate).Decision, DecisionsHow does a busy person decide which ones make sense to attend? When work is pulling at you, that large stack of papers doesn’t seem to of changed, that unanswered … [Read more...]

Stress Busters: Steps to Reduce Stress and Boost Success

Are you anxious about your job search? Are you stressed every day in your job? In either case, stress can lead to debilitating symptoms such as loss of sleep, irritability, fatigue, headaches, stomach aches, overeating, drinking too much, loss of interest in sex, poor productivity, and relationships in a downward spiral. In fact, according to a study by a British Medical Journal, chronic job stress is linked to both heart disease and type 2 diabetes.Whether you have experienced the loss of a job, or are now doing more in your job as a result of job positions which have gone unfilled, a root cause of your stress may be a sense of powerlessness as reported by Drs. Miller and Smith in their article Stress: Stress in the Workplace for the American Psychological Association.Want to regain your power and learn professional success strategies that relate to stress management? Plan on attending the May 21, 2009 Reach Personal Branding Interview Series program “Bust Your Stress to Boost Your … [Read more...]

Network Brand You

There are thousands (yes, thousands) of people who will write about networking.  Most talk about everything from being friendly, to smiling, to having the right handshake and making sure you have your ‘elevator speech’ down. And, know that I’m all for that. All of those tools are important to your success in connecting with people.  Yet, I still find people utterly lost as to how to move a relationship further.  How do you progress past the ‘grip, grin and graze’? In working with coaching clients, I show you that with visibility, credibility, and connect-ability, you can get profitability.  Visibility Visibility, first of all, are you visible to people? Because you can’t do the Dale Carnegie rules of engagement (the best rules on the market) unless you’re visible to people! If all you do is from your home office out to a client and back again and you’re not visible to anybody or your home office is all you do is stay at or at your office, you … [Read more...]

If I Could Make the World a Better Place, I’d…

Ah, beauty pageants! From Miss America to Miss Universe, we’re all familiar with these annual contests aimed at capturing the ever-changing face of beauty and intelligence. Yes, intelligence. Least we forget, despite the heavy emphasis on physical beauty, there is the interview wherein finalists get to answer questions that show they’re more than just a pretty face. While there are actually lots of questions with the actual ones varying from contestant to contestant and from year to year, most of us tend to think of the Miss America/Universe question as some version of: If you could change one thing about the world what would it be? Fundamentally, this is not a frivolous question, and answering it for ourselves can be pivotal in giving direction to our careers and lives. Indeed, in my roles as a facilitator and coach of personal branding and of life planning, one of the central exercises I ask clients to do is to develop their vision for the world. The questions I use may vary … [Read more...]