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Getting Beyond “My Brand”

These days, it seems that personal branding has faced increasing criticism. Much of it, I think, is driven by people who don’t get it, or at least who don’t get the concept that we advance at Reach. And, let’s face it, social media and the prevalence of internet marketers has allowed for the idea to be hijacked in the interest of “driving traffic.” Lot’s of people out there pushing “my brand” opens the door to the perception of personal brands as contrived or fake.  Frankly, I think the dialogue about personal branding is a good thing, and that we need to participate. I think that addressing these criticisms gives us a platform for creating more clarity, and perhaps even evolve the concept of personal brand further. So, here’s my contribution. * * * Think about it. When you were growing up, did your friends ever ask if your brand could come out to play? Not likely. What they wanted was you and what you brought to their experience. Fast forward to the present, and ask yourself if … [Read more...]

Using Twitter and Branded Communications to Find a Job

With Recruiting via Social Networks on the rise, why are you conducting an old-fashioned job search? You can either be at the front of the find-a-job-via-social-media movement, or you can be left behind by the throngs of successful candidates who have embraced new technology tools, such as Twitter, and landed a job faster and easier than they ever thought possible. Twitter use for sourcing candidates by employers and recruiters is at 42% according to the 2009 Jobvite Social Recruitment Survey. Yet, very few job seekers venture into the Twitter stream where they can be highly visible and build productive networking relationships. If Twitter seems like a far-fetched job search strategy to you, you may want to listen to Deb Dib and Susan Whitcomb, co-authors (with Chandlee Bryan) of The Twitter Job Search Guide. Join William Arruda as he interviews these guest experts for the Reach Personal Branding Interview Series on August 12, 2010 at noon EDT. You will learn: How Twitter can … [Read more...]