6 Ways to Practice Positive Presence


Just last Spring, driving from Dallas to San Antonio, we went from clear and sunny weather to a patch of snow lasting 10 miles — then back to a bright, sunny sky. In the blink of an eye, we had to adapt.

Isn’t that what happens with ANY change? It can happen just that fast, unannounced. At work you might find yourself being downsized, right sized, wrong sized or resized. Whatever the size – you’re forced out of your comfort zone. And pressed to adapt.

www.ValerieandCompany.comNow how do you show your leadership presence? When chaos happens, it may be more challenging to keep emotions intact. This is when you’re on center stage and grace under fire really matters. This is when people look to leadership to right the ship, give direction, and trust the messages you send. As Jim Rohn said, “You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”

Take heed of these Practical Presence Positives taken from my years spent teaching leadership change management across the globe:

1 – BE VIGILANT  Always be aware of what’s happening around you.  Before a storm, there are often warnings that go unnoticed. Pay attention and prepare yourself by staying relevant, asking for feedback, and keeping your skills sharpened.

2 – KNOW YOUR PERSONAL BRAND – Use your strengths to impact the organization and the people in it. Be authentic as you lead your teams. Authenticity allows you to be viewed as a leader who inspires others to stay the course or move in a better direction.

3 – FIND SOLID GROUND – When a tsunami occurs, all the tide is drawn OUT. Then without warning it comes rumbling back in. That’s when the most damage occurs. Put yourself in a position to ride it out by finding high ground. Pushing against it doesn’t help. When  you find solid ground and apply good reasoning it’s much easier to find ways to move forward or even push back, but not in a defiant way.

4. COMMUNICATE OFTEN – Keep lines of communication open. Always tell the truth and tell it often. Don’t hesitate to say “I don’t know.” In times of radical change, you cannot possibly have all the answers and that’s ok. When people are kept informed, there is less chance of the rumor mill fueling false assumptions.

5. TAKE THE HIGH ROAD – Leave the negative behind. Don’t waste your energy on what “isn’t happening”— rather focus on “what can happen.”

6. THE SUN EVENTUALLY COMES OUT – And it always does. So hang on, stay on track, be focused – eventually chaos will subside. There is life after “change.”

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 Valerie SokoloskyValerie Sokolosky is a Master Personal Brand Strategist and expert thought leader in leadership presence and personal branding. A widely published author and founder of Valerie and Company, her executive coaching and training has helped companies large and small achieve their goals of increased productivity, profitability, and enhanced people skills.