4 Ingredients for You to Matter More and Be Relevant

As we each forge ahead daily, there is a constant nagging question for all of us.  Do we matter? Recently, I had the chance to read Relevance by Phil Styrlund, Tom Hayes, and Marian Deegan. Last year, BrandMirror sponsored a TEDx event where I saw Phil speak about Relevance. The talk was a captivating one, and since then I have stayed in touch with Marian as they have been on this journey to help others matter more. The book is engaging, just right as far as length, and provides a powerful formula to help us each matter more. The formula highlights 4 key factors of relevance: authenticity, mastery, empathy, and action. When we assess our relevance, this simple formula is a way to identify quickly where we might need to double down our efforts or celebrate our progress. 1. Authenticity You know when you go to an event or hear someone speak and it just does not resonate or feel real? We want people to speak from the heart and from experience. People who are able to be … [Read more...]

International Bestselling Author, CC Chapman, Makes Amazing Things Happen at Reach Interview

Stuck in neutral and feeling unfulfilled, you find yourself rummaging through the self-help section at your local bookstore. Suddenly a book title catches your attention and you pull it off the shelf as though you were handling a new born baby. Could this be it? Could this self-help book actually help you, help you? If that book is entitled Amazing Things Will Happen then the answer is yes! Although the international bestselling author, C.C. Chapman never really set out to populate the shelves of the "self-help" section, he managed to package some modern wisdom into a modest sized publication sure to inspire positive change in your life. Indeed, the self-help section is the last place C.C. ever wanted to find someone reading his book. The project actually started out as a way for him to pass down some fatherly wisdom to his kids. To be honest, when I found out my favorite content marketing strategist was writing a self-help book, I cringed. After publishing the wildly successful … [Read more...]

Seeing Your Personal Brand in 3-D

Have you ever viewed your personal brand in 3-D? I recently came across philosopher Tom Morris in the book "Cycling Philosophy for Everyone" who has a theory of success called the '3-D Approach to Life.' Discover your positive talents. Develop the most meaningful and beneficial of those talents. Deploy your talents into the world for the good of others and yourself. One of the chapters in this book is called "Lance Armstrong and True Success". The authors introduce Tom Morris' 3-D Approach as applied to Lance. Lance discovered his positive talents at a young age. Being drawn to endurance sports and starting off as a triathlete, he soon discovered he had a special talent on the bike. This then became his focus. He developed this talent through intense and regimented training plans to capitalize on his strength. After a battle with cancer he focused his talent on one thing - winning the Tour de France. This focus developed him into the greatest cyclist in the history … [Read more...]

Paul Allen – Idea Man – a memoir by the co-founder of Microsoft

Personal Brand Leadership - Book Review © 2011 MIE Services LLC - 358 pages hardback $- US 27.95 / Cdn $35 PERSONAL BRAND LEADERSHIP POINTERS From this book you will learn: - The importance of having several avenues of interest to round out your brand. - How you can enjoy your passions AND make it part of who you are. - Remain true to your core beliefs and not wavering. - Understand the power of doing what you're uniquely good at. Paul Allen is certainly best known by many as the co-founder of Microsoft, who left in the early 1980's but still wound up a multi-billionaire. Many might also choose to pick up this book to find out the insider scoop on what really happened in his 'fall out' with Bill Gates. Certainly the publishers have positioned this book to portray these very two renowned key points. However there is much more to this autobiography than just dishing the dirt and making billions from Microsoft. It could be argued that Allen has had more … [Read more...]

Which way at work?

There was a recent article in the Globe & Mail, Top 12 Workplace Myths, taken from a chapter in the new book Fuse: Making Sense of the New Cogenerational Workplace™ - the article ended by offering what they called Fusions as key learnings from the chapter - I have added what you need to do about them in relation to your personal brand. The most likable people get promoted, not the hardest workers. - If likeable is one of your key differentiating attributes then certainly you want to highlight it, but do not ignore other attributes that you have that make you memorable and different (positive of course!). However it's not a replacement for hard work - that still has to happen - but it has to be hard PRODUCTIVE and ideally MEASURABLE work! Broadcast the work you’re doing, especially to your managers. - It seems to be the greatest aversion in the workplace - 'bragging' about your accomplishments and activity. I use the term bragging very loosely - we do not like braggers, but … [Read more...]