Journal Your Way Up the Career Ladder

Think back to when you were a young teen, complete with braces and pimples. Negotiating the tough school hallways and interactions with peers, you needed a safe place to process all of the social challenges coming your way and share your hopes for the future. So you started a diary, furtively writing daily and keeping it hidden away from your family and friends. And over time, in writing down your thoughts and reading over what you wrote, your teenage world became just a little bit clearer and less scary. Well, now you’re all grown up (and hopefully the braces and pimples are long behind you!)  You can still use a diary — now called a journal —for your career, and reap the career benefits as you once did the same for your adolescent social scene. How can journaling help your career? It enables you to leverage your musings over time to gain perspective and spark new ideas. Read on to learn about when, how, and why to journal. When You Should Journal During a Job Search. … [Read more...]

Don’t Let This Ruin Your Brand’s Reputation

It was unbelievable what happened! This is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I simply have to share how a great company brand was dissed by the employee serving us. While attending a recent workshop out of town, a colleague and I headed for a quiet lunch at a nearby “respectable” hotel. No one was in the restaurant at 12:00 noon. That should have been my first clue. We ordered our sandwiches, ate them (still the lone customers), and were ready to get our check. Alas – no server could be found. That should have been my second clue. After waiting ten minutes, I left the table in search of our waiter. At the checkout, I was told the waiter was nowhere to be found, but she would help me if I told her what we had ordered. The next comment floored me – “Are you staying at the hotel?” Our computers have been down since this morning and we’ll have to bill this to your room or take cash only.” “No,” I said. “We came from across the street at a … [Read more...]

Let Your Personal Brand SOAR!

  The SWOT analysis continues to be one of the most widely used strategic planning tools. Organizations use it all the time to analyze how to remain competitive by looking internally at their 'Strengths' and 'Weaknesses' and externally at 'Opportunities' and 'Threats.' When it was first created it was actually called SOFT - satisfactory , opportunity, fault, and threat. In 1964 the originators changed 'satisfactory' to 'strength' and replaced 'fault' with 'weakness.' Over 40 years later SWOT has remained unchanged, and is even being used by individuals to strategize about their own life and careers.  Some career coaches advocate using the framework as a way to identify what separates you from your peers and develop the talents you need to advance your career. SWOT can be very useful in the personal branding process as it does focus on our strengths. However, once weaknesses enter the equation it tends to dominate our thinking and we fall into a trap. Our focus turns to … [Read more...]

Is Your Personal Brand Stepping Out of it’s Comfort Zone?

While waiting for his owner to return from some local shopping, Bernard here knows where his boundaries are and he is not going to stray at all, he has become too comfortable in his surroundings. Of course perhaps he knows (or has experienced) that if he were to jump out of the back of the truck he might be placing himself in danger. Unfortunately, at work, this is something we are all a little guilty of. Perhaps on occasion, it's not going to be life threatening, we need to take a risk or two and leap out of our comfort zone - or maybe just a gentle step will do. Three simple things to consider as a way to step out of your personal brand comfort zone at work; 1. Bring a little more of your personality to work. Choose something from home that you are passionate about or that means a lot to you and add it to your desk, cubicle or office space. Perhaps a favourite picture, photo or desk ornament. 2. Consider adding a piece of jewellery or favourite coloured accessory and … [Read more...]

Personal Branding Resources

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