Check Your Ego at the Door: How Marketing Can Help You Learn From Your Mistakes

Marketing can be a dubious art sometimes. It can often seem like your marketing and advertising efforts are wasted. John Wanamaker, owner of America’s first big department stores, was famous for saying, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” He was right, and you may be wondering how this ties in with your ego. It’s because in marketing you may fail. You may try something that is part of the wasteful half of your total budget. You may even fail badly. But the important thing is to learn from it quickly, change your course, and find the 50 percent of marketing that resonates with your target audience. When I started my career in marketing, we didn’t have the benefit of the internet, which is the greatest marketing teacher we could ever dream of. Today we can see patterns of behavior on the web and adjust our company’s website content often. We can see which pages are most popular and which aren’t holding peoples’ attention. We can … [Read more...]

Is Your Brand, Camera Ready?

Your executive presence, your image, and reputation all make up your personal brand! Add to these, your video brand. I like to say "get comfortable with being uncomfortable “on camera. Why? Because video is now way more important in building your brand than words, audio or pictures. People want to feel a connection with you and video is the best way to achieve that. Here is an example of my bio that I put into video. I'm told that clients get a "sense" of who I am and what I do, with the added benefit of feeling they kinda, sorta know me just from watching. Check it out and consider doing something similar for your department, company, or using video to send a message to clients. What’s the benefit? By recording a brief video, in a few short minutes you’re able to give people a glimpse of who you are. You can bring to life the story you tell in your LinkedIn profile or in your online posts. You can present your authentic brand and re-purpose that digital real estate in multiple … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Personal Branding Is Necessary

When I first read Tom Peters’ article “A Brand Called You” it fueled my passion nine years ago to seek out the training for doing Personal Branding work. It was so invigorating I couldn’t stop learning until I had earned every certification possible. Recently, I’ve seen tons of articles about the topic- both positive and negative. So let’s look at both sides. Some belittle what personal branding does. Several state that personal branding creates a façade — saying it is merely playing a character. The authors of these articles claim that branding isn’t genuine. Here’s the truth! People value authenticity and transparency. Surprisingly, some people think that branding is only for celebrities and companies who need a logo, website, tag-line, or a sensational image. Branding involves so much more than image, logo, or how you dress. It’s about expressing your total package. It’s about authenticity, building trust, and helping people — their teams and organizations — be more … [Read more...]

Increase Your Visibility and Credibility : 5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

One of the most frequent questions I receive from my business coaching clients is how to stand out from all the others who do what they do. The answer is two-fold. First, even if two people work with the same types of clients and in the same niche, which is unlikely and statistically impossible given the myriad of factors at play, each person would be delivering their service in their own unique fashion. Why? Because you're unique. You have your own thoughts, motivations, inspirations and energy. You are the sum total of your thoughts, experiences and beliefs. Thus, what you do is truly unique. Bottom line: No one is doing exactly what you do and in exactly the way you do it. So no worries there! Second, different people are attracted to different people based upon their values, energy, outlook and even "how" they look! Whew! Nothing to worry about there either! Again, you are unique. So, what do you do? How do you increase your credibility, visibility, and ultimately your … [Read more...]

If You Gave Yourself A Title – What Would It Be?

If you were to give yourself a title, what would it be? How would it make you stand out and unique among the hundreds—if not thousands—of other people saying the same thing that you do? Social media, after all, is an equal-opportunity tool. Anyone can use it, from mom-and-stores down the street, to huge conglomerates with stores all over the world. In reaching out to the thousands of people in our networks, for example, we need a title that our followers will successfully associate with us, something that can help us communicate who we are and what we stand for. In the relative anonymity of the Internet, after all, readers will judge us on how we are communicating—starting from what we call ourselves—and whether we can be trusted. Say, for example, that you are a social marketer, a CEO of a marketing startup, and a gamer. In talking about your company, promoting your products, and interacting with the people in your field, will you want your title to be “High-Level Sorcerer,” … [Read more...]