Want to Transition to a Green Job? Research and Network Your Way In

Competition is growing exponentially for jobs in this hot industry. The key to success is investing time in targeted research, compiling a list of companies to focus on, identifying hiring decision-makers or leads within those companies, and penetrating their networks. Practice “give to get” networkingGently get to know them, what their needs are, and how you can solve their problems. Build evangelism for your brand and stay top of mind with them. When they hear of jobs that may be a good fit, they’ll think of you. • Familiarize yourself with industry trends, culture, and the lingo, so you’ll converse intelligently.• Identify companies through Google search and at www.hoovers.com, www.forbes.com, libraries, etc., then dig deeper at websites of each company on your list.• Create career marketing communications that align your niche expertise and brand value proposition with the needs of your target companies. Connect with leads through online social networks … [Read more...]

How Green is Your Personal Brand?

As momentum for the green job market continues to grow, make sure your branding is as green as possible…and that often takes thinking out of the box. You may not be able to build a wind turbine, but you may work in sales at a financial firm that encourages green investments or be an accountant at a bank that funds green construction. These experiences count and may be invaluable in landing a “green” job. Here are some additional tips to color your personal brand green: • Walk the talk. Practice the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle – in your home life as well as your professional activities.• Emphasize your concern by adding “green” credentials to your resume.• Volunteer locally in green initiatives.• If you’re in sales, decide how you can “green” your business processes, such as recycling paper, using a hybrid automobile or going paperless.• Describe yourself and your work ethic in “green” terms – and don’t hesitate to talk about … [Read more...]

Do You Bleed Green?

Before you jump headfirst into the green fray, step back and ask yourself this: “How can I demonstrate my authentic motivation to make the world more sustainable?” Skip the memories of recycling water bottles and bringing your own coffee mug to Starbucks. Now dig a little deeper. What moved you to change your way of life and when, where, and why did it happen? Is there a story that clearly expresses your value or passion for sustainability? If the answer’s no, you’ve led yourself down the garden path. But if that story exists, communicating it from the heart will set you apart from those who aren’t truly committed. And the more emotion your personal story stirs up for you, the more you will engage, and the more powerful you will be at every stage of the job search. After all, you’re not just looking for a job; you’re seizing an opportunity to change the world. Download the Green Career's Guide by Harp Arora www.sedonacommunications.com | 1.519.747.5793 … [Read more...]

A Green Career Makeover

Does your career need a make-over to be more competitive in the current job market? Think green! Green jobs are not just for technical and scientific profess-sionals such as eco-consultants and renewable energy engineers. In fact, your current job or profession could undergo a “green jobs” makeover without any additional training to become much more desirable by employers and more secure. Every company or organization in the green sector has openings for people in finance, administrative services, sales and marketing, and human resources. Begin by researching green industries such as hydro-power, fuel cells, pollution control, waste reduction, alternative energy, clean manufacturing, sustainability, as well as green companies within those industries. Read about green initiatives and green careers and find a mentor already in a green industry so you can gain knowledge about the green sector and discuss it more confidently as you network and interview. You do not want to be asking basic … [Read more...]

It’s Important to Act Green When You Are Green!

Practice what you preach. Many companies focus on green products or green aspects of business such as producing solar panels or designing green buildings. These companies market themselves as “green companies.” If you dig a little deeper you can find out if they act green too. • Do they recycle paper?• Do they brew coffee in house and use non-disposal mugs or paper cups?• Do they have lights that are operated by motion sensors?• What do they do with old office equipment?• How do they dispose of old computers and gadgets?• How are meetings organized (do they include lots of papers or are emails used to pass along pertinent information)? Remember – as you brand your green business make sure you’re consistent in every aspect of portraying your image. Download the Green Career's Guide by Rachel Gogos www.thebrandiD.com | 1.724.260.0026 … [Read more...]