Empathy: An Effective Leadership Tool

We’ve all experienced a manager that just doesn’t get along with their team. Or seen a supervisor who shuts themselves off from their colleagues and doesn’t take the time to understand the employees working under them. What were these leaders missing? The key to not becoming that type of leader is putting to use a basic human quality:empathy. Using empathy as a leadership tool helps us put ourselves in the shoes of our colleagues or employees. When you are an empathetic leader, you understand how other people’s feelings can impact their perception of a situation. Why is demonstrating empathy important? Using empathy as a leadership tool helps: Build trust with your employees or team Strengthen relationships Increase collaboration Encourage others to do their best and be more productive Create more engaged employees While empathy is commonly mistaken for its cousin, sympathy, a crucial part in becoming an effective leader is differentiating between the two traits. … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Influence Without Formal Authority

Often in business, we are tasked with leading an initiative that involves a group of individuals inside or outside the organization over which we have no positional authority. This has become more and more common now in the workplace due to flatter management structures, outsourcing and virtual teams. So, in these situations, where “command and control” style leadership no longer works, how can you employ a more lateral type of leadership? Invest in Relationships Things get done through people! There is no substitute for investing in the relationships of people you work most closely with. Spend time to get to know your teammates as individuals and seek to understand their career aspirations. You will build trust and a shared respect that will go a very long way and will help ensure that they are eager to help you and the organization achieve its goals. The second point is to proactively invest in new relationships, build coalitions and get to know influential people before you … [Read more...]

Reflect on Your Success with a Victory Journal

In our last post, I discussed how to use a vision board to bring your goals to life. Now that January is almost behind us, it is time to think about how you will record and document your career successes for 2016. Do you remember each of your work accomplishments for 2015? If you are like me, probably not! When updating your resume or LinkedIn profile for a job search, it’s common for us to stall when it comes to our achievements. When I am coaching clients on career marketing documents, I very often get the remark “Well I can’t remember what I did in my last job.” Instead of hoping for praise and rewards from your superiors, take matters into your own hands and start documenting your own successes with a victory journal. It’s much easier to focus on negative thoughts about our performance than to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. A victory journal will help you celebrate your achievements, whether big or small, and acts as a source of motivation and reassurance … [Read more...]

How to Bring Your 2016 Goals to Life with a Vision Board

A new year calls for new resolutions and goals aimed towards self improvement. But with our chaotic lives and daily priorities, how can we make sure our hopes for the future don’t become forgotten?   The law of attraction states that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person brings those exact experiences into their life. So by that logic, concentrating on the positive aspects of our goals should help us achieve them. With the help of a vision board, the law of attraction is activated, meaning your psyche is programmed to attract what you desire. Vision boards provide frequent reminders of your goals and dreams and helps keep positive messages in your mind, which can alter your demeanor and set your priorities straight. Here’s how to create a vision board that’s unique to your goals. Take Your Time Our hectic lives are often the cause of us losing sight of what we truly want, so rushing through the process of creating a vision board will defeat the purpose … [Read more...]

Personal Branding: How to Brand Your Radio Show (or Podcast!)

If you’re thinking about producing a radio show or podcast – just for fun or for business purposes – you’ll want to make sure it’s branded in a way that aligns with your vision, values, passion and purpose! Here are some simple ways you can brand your program: Show title Types of guests and content Music Intro and Outro Key phrases, words and taglines 1. Show title. Your show title is of critical importance as this is the best way to attract your target listeners. Use keywords that relate to your topic and which would be compelling to the audience you want to reach. Make sure your title is obvious – not cute. If it’s too esoteric, people will miss the point and move on to something else that relates exactly to what they’re looking for. The more memorable your title, the easier it will be for others to spread the word – both online and offline. Shorter is better and you can always include a tagline that explains the purpose in more detail. That being said, the … [Read more...]