Follow the Lead of Successful Career Change Artists

When you go to work each day, you feel like you’re punching a clock. You lack passion for your work, a true love for what you do. You’ve heard “love what you do, and you’ll never work another day in your life,” but can’t imagine such a saying applying to you. You’ve thought a little about career reinvention, but don’t know where to begin. Does the above scenario sound like you? If you’re not fulfilled with your current career, you might want to make a change. How do you determine which career to move to, and how to make the change? One thing can help: listen to people interviewed in Aspire!’s Change made simple podcasts series. These are change artists who have been in your shoes, feeling what you’re feeling.  While these four professionals worked in fields ranging from finance to marketing, they all had one big thing in common — they felt unfulfilled and needed to make a change. In the podcasts, you’ll hear these stories: John G. left a successful career as a business … [Read more...]

How Strategic Relationships Can Make or Break Your Career – Part One

Recall the old adage: It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know. This could not be more true when it comes to your professional circles. In today’s world of work where career reinvention is the norm, the people in your personal/career community have a very important role to play. They can help you shift connections and industries, bolster your personal brand and provide much needed emotional support. A former colleague of mine from the OB department at Boston University, Dr. Kathy Kram, just released a book called Strategic Relationships at Work, in which she and her colleague, Dr. Wendy Murphy from Babson College, highlight the most practical insights developed over more than three decades of research. I recently interviewed Kathy and wanted to share both her wisdom and mine on this topic. (This will be a two-part article as the subject is vast. In this first part of the article, we talk about what strategic relationships are and how they are helpful. In part two, we’ll discuss … [Read more...]

Is your career facing a Kodak moment?

No doubt the business school case studies in years to come about the sad demise of Kodak and it's brand will raise many questions about the effectiveness of it's leaders. The filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Kodak this week has many lessons for all businesses, but what can you learn from this and be sure that you are not facing the same in your career? 1. Don't underestimate the impact your ideas have. It was the mid-70's when Kodak actually developed for the first digital camera. Can you imagine how far ahead they may have been in the market place and for how long had they moved on this revolutionary idea. Personal Brand Lesson - just because your industry or vocation has done it the same way for a long time and everyone is comfortable with that way does not mean an idea out of left field is not a better one. Be willing to challenge the status quo. 2. Don't be complacent or greedy. Kodak leaders decided to shelve the digital camera because they felt it was going to … [Read more...]

Communicating and Creating Connections Equals Personal Success

Though talents and skills may be two important factors in an individual’s personal success, there are two other things that are equally important. How you communicate and how you create connections with others are just as essential to your success. Connection is a part of communication Many people underestimate the power of knowing how to communicate effectively, as well as the power of connections. When you know how to communicate well with others, you will be surprised at how much easier it is to go through life. You are able to express yourself better, get your message across more clearly, and understand others better. You will be more successful in both your work and your personal relationships. The two actually go hand in hand. When you communicate effectively, you are able to connect with others more easily. This is why good communication is something you must cultivate if you want to connect with others and enjoy success in life. Though you may be naturally … [Read more...]

You’ve Landed a Job. Now What???

Most people feel that when they’ve secured a job, they can take a break from career marketing. After all, you’ve spent much time and energy on your job search and you have a job. Why continue with career marketing activities? We are Living in a Different Job Market - The Department of Labor estimates that today’s average worker will have between 10-14 jobs before the age of 38! The typical college student is 22 years old when they graduate. If this statistic holds true for you, then on average, you’d be changing jobs every 1.5 years. If you stay in practice of continual career management activities, then you’ll be ready for this change. The World of Work has Changed - William Arruda, founder and president of Reach Communications, has often said in speeches that the world of work has changed forever. Most companies no longer have the expectation that you will stay with a company 25 years, retire, and draw your retirement check. In fact, many companies applaud and welcome … [Read more...]