Will Lance’s Personal Brand Continue to Live Strong?

Athlete......Survivor.....Philanthropist......Cheat? Sadly, unless there is a definitive answer, that final attribute will now always be associated with Lance Armstrong's personal brand. But always with a question. We all know him through those first three attributes, the question is can we ever not think of him without the last one? Both sides were always too far apart for this to be concluded with anything other than the wrong result. Witnesses and experts on both sides claiming to be right. Strong personalities involved. A lot at stake. Now the truth may never be known. Part of the confusion for many of us might be the fact that what might be a lifetime ban for some sports (e.g. cycling), can be a couple of years in athletics or results in a 50 game ban or less in baseball. Even some multiple offenders come back to play in their sport again. For the USADA this has been a 10+ year endeavour. The rumour and insinuation has hung over Armstrong really ever since his … [Read more...]

Bagels, Sausages, Olympics & Protecting Your Brand

With the Olympics the great thing about living in one country and coming from another is you get to root for both- in other words you have double chance of celebration! To date Canada has performed below expectations but team GB is certainly rocking it, with 6 days to go they are already at the same number of Gold medals as Bejing with, I am sure, more to come. But when it comes to your personal brand, you cannot afford to have two sides. Your personal brand is you and needs to be consistent on all fronts. The International Olympic Committee is almost manic about its control of the Olympic brand and logo. Mostly to help protect the sponsors and the huge investments they make in wanting to be recognised and associated with the event. So what is the Olympics showing us that you can apply to your personal brand? 1. Close monitoring and where and when your brand is used. There have been numerous instances of the IOC stepping in and asking businesses to remove associations … [Read more...]

Wear Your Personal Brand Colors with Pride

  Yellow. It is the color of champions; the color that 198 of the world's best cyclists race for every July in the Tour de France.  It is the color of the 'maillot jaune' - the 'yellow jersey' - the ultimate prize in professional cycling. Cyclists dream of wearing this color and dread the prospect of losing it. It symbolizes power, tenacity, honor, and pride. It unites a team, a country, and even the world. The yellow jersey is an excellent example of the psychological and emotional impact of color. Companies use color in many different ways to evoke a reaction and to solidify a brand in people's minds. Whether it is Tiffany's robin's-egg blue box, UPS' brown trucks, Coke's red cans, or the Tour de France's yellow jersey, we immediately identify with these brands by their color. What's Your Personal Brand's Color? Just as companies brand themselves with color, your personal brand needs its own color. Your brand colors become part of the visual vocabulary that makes an … [Read more...]

Seeing Your Personal Brand in 3-D

Have you ever viewed your personal brand in 3-D? I recently came across philosopher Tom Morris in the book "Cycling Philosophy for Everyone" who has a theory of success called the '3-D Approach to Life.' Discover your positive talents. Develop the most meaningful and beneficial of those talents. Deploy your talents into the world for the good of others and yourself. One of the chapters in this book is called "Lance Armstrong and True Success". The authors introduce Tom Morris' 3-D Approach as applied to Lance. Lance discovered his positive talents at a young age. Being drawn to endurance sports and starting off as a triathlete, he soon discovered he had a special talent on the bike. This then became his focus. He developed this talent through intense and regimented training plans to capitalize on his strength. After a battle with cancer he focused his talent on one thing - winning the Tour de France. This focus developed him into the greatest cyclist in the history … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Embrace Criticism of Your Personal Brand

What drives your personal brand? Do you have the tenacity to pedal onward even in the face of critics, naysayers, and scoffers? Can the strengths that drive you also land you flat on your face? Once again these questions bring to mind another great Lance commercial. http://youtu.be/ph6Gd2Cg4gc Recently, my fellow Reach colleagues have shared along these lines. Richard Anderson's post on this blog reminds us that an overused strength can become a weakness. In a recent issue of YOUnique, William Arruda says it is not all about strengths because if you have weaknesses that will impede your success, you need to resolve them. Critics See Your Brand Through Their Own Lens What you see as driving your brand may very well be criticized by others. Your critics will see your brand through their own lens of reality and make a judgement call. If you are driven by confidence, will it be seen as arrogance? Will your natural or gifted ability label you as a doper or cheat? Can your … [Read more...]