The Donald’s Branding Fails: You Can’t Surf on a Broken Board!

Riding a giant, rogue wave of middle-class frustration, he surfed from well outside The Beltway all the way into the Oval Office... ...but if President-Elect Donald J. Trump isn't careful, that board of his will fall apart, throwing him into a roiling sea of public rebellion that could wash him right back out the White House door. The reason?  Donald Trump's surfboard has been forged from the mass appeal of his powerful (if morally questionable) personal brand, which is what William Arruda defines as one's "unique promise of value". And just as Trump's controversial brand is what others have come to expect from him, your brand is what others have come to expect from you. Trump's promise to the world has had many dramatic components:  build that southern wall... jail Hillary Clinton... "drain the swamp" in Washington, DC... register every American Muslim... deport every illegal immigrant... bring the jobs back to the Rust Belt... and do whatever it takes to Make America … [Read more...]

Will Lance’s Personal Brand Continue to Live Strong?

Athlete......Survivor.....Philanthropist......Cheat? Sadly, unless there is a definitive answer, that final attribute will now always be associated with Lance Armstrong's personal brand. But always with a question. We all know him through those first three attributes, the question is can we ever not think of him without the last one? Both sides were always too far apart for this to be concluded with anything other than the wrong result. Witnesses and experts on both sides claiming to be right. Strong personalities involved. A lot at stake. Now the truth may never be known. Part of the confusion for many of us might be the fact that what might be a lifetime ban for some sports (e.g. cycling), can be a couple of years in athletics or results in a 50 game ban or less in baseball. Even some multiple offenders come back to play in their sport again. For the USADA this has been a 10+ year endeavour. The rumour and insinuation has hung over Armstrong really ever since his … [Read more...]

Why having an Axl to grind damages your personal brand

This weekend see's the induction of Guns & Roses in to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland - minus Axl Rose. In fact his long running dispute with some of the original band members seems to be continuing to the point where he has asked not to be included in to the induction. With very lawyer type language and a very impersonal letter to "the hall, band fans and Whom it May concern" he said; "I strongly request that I not be inducted in absentia and please know that no one is authorized nor may anyone be permitted to accept any induction for me or speak on my behalf." The Sex Pistols were the only previous refusals to induction and that strikes me as very on brand for them! Certainly Rose has had more than a share of controversy, difficult life situations and outbursts, so perhaps this is just another on brand action. But if you were faced with a similar situation in your profession alternative ways to handle this and not damage your personal brand as much … [Read more...]

And the new Premier of Ontario is….LIKEABLE??!!

The provincial election in Ontario, Canada is a little over a week away and depending on which poll you believe anyone of the three main parties could end up winning. But if it came down to backyard barbecue invitations instead of votes, National Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath would be the winner with 37% of respondents to an IPSOS Reid poll saying they would prefer to have her there. This compares with 32% for Progresive Conservative leader Tim Hudak and 31% for Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty. The reason...........? LIKEABILITY. With all three leaders so closely matched it's this emotional attribute of Horwath that makes her more appealing than the others. If you had asked in the same poll, what words people would use to describe each leader, the chances are a few would come up for all three words such as; Leader like Confident Ambitious Honest .... (well on second thoughts!) If all three posess the same words, then these are what we term rational attributes - … [Read more...]

Expat Careers & Businesses: How To Stand Out in the Global Marketplace – Part 2 of 5

This post is the second in a series discussing how expat professionals and entrepreneurs can stand out in the global marketplace. Before reading this article, I invite you to read Expat Careers & Businesses: How to Stand Out in the Global Marketplace - Part 1. The second strategy for standing out in the global marketplace is through media or industry recognition. MEDIA OR INDUSTRY RECOGNITION Given the global war for talent and trends like telecommuting and working via VOIP and videochat, you are competing in the global marketplace even if you are looking for a job or business locally. With such a phenomenal increase in competition, how can one be found and stand out? Pursuing industry or media recognition is a very effective way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Consider the ratio of people in any given industry to those who have been recognized by industry leaders or the media and it would be hard to argue otherwise. Not only will it increase … [Read more...]