Bagels, Sausages, Olympics & Protecting Your Brand

With the Olympics the great thing about living in one country and coming from another is you get to root for both- in other words you have double chance of celebration! To date Canada has performed below expectations but team GB is certainly rocking it, with 6 days to go they are already at the same number of Gold medals as Bejing with, I am sure, more to come. But when it comes to your personal brand, you cannot afford to have two sides. Your personal brand is you and needs to be consistent on all fronts. The International Olympic Committee is almost manic about its control of the Olympic brand and logo. Mostly to help protect the sponsors and the huge investments they make in wanting to be recognised and associated with the event. So what is the Olympics showing us that you can apply to your personal brand? 1. Close monitoring and where and when your brand is used. There have been numerous instances of the IOC stepping in and asking businesses to remove associations … [Read more...]

The 7 Signature Signs of Jimmy Savile – An Original Personal Brand

It was sad to see the news earlier this week of the passing of Jimmy Savile, two days short of his 85th birthday, a truly authentic if slightly eccentric personal brand. Many years ago my aunt experienced a stroke and was in Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the UK, world renowned for it's work in spinal injuries, but also a hospital supported and visited on a regular basis by Jimmy Savile. We happened to be visiting one weekend when he was 'doing his rounds' as a volunteer porter and experienced first hand his overwhelming generosity, humour and uniqueness. Apart from his core attributes, he had many ways that he exuded his brand that were signature to him and made him perhaps one of the early authentic celebrity brands. He was; 1. Known for wearing shell suits and clothes with the very loud colours and patterns - an early CHAV. 2. The "King of Bling' wearing very flashy jewellery and adornments - long before it was hip for rappers. 3. Recalled often for his memorable phrase … [Read more...]

The Best of Personal Branding TV

Last year, we launched the first ever all multi-media web site focused exclusively on personal branding. We now have over 200 video and audio files (the Reach Personal Branding Interview Series audio files are also housed at Here are the Best of 2010: Top 10 Videos: How NOT to Build Your Personal Brand What Color is Your Personal Brand? Why Personal Branding? Technological Change and New Approaches to Leadership by Personal Branding Strategist – Sheila Goldgrab Low Tech, High Impact Word of Mouth for Personal Brands Getting Good on Video Career Distinction – Express Your Essence in a Sentence Why Video? Eliminate the ‘F-Word’ Personal Branding Strategist – Valerie Sokolosky Offers Advice to Job Seekers Top 10 Videos from the Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategists: Technological Change and New Approaches to Leadership by Personal Branding Strategist – Sheila Goldgrab Low Tech, High Impact Word of Mouth for Personal … [Read more...]

Strong Brands Attract and Repel

I saw this article about upcoming episode where Oprah will interview Sarah Palin. It reminds me of something I say in almost every keynote I deliver: Strong brands often repel as many people as they attract. Brands are frequently polarizing – think Donald Trump, Madonna and Michael Bloomberg. Personal branding is not about being all things to all people or trying to please all of the people all of time, it’s about taking a stand and being comfortable knowing that some will not agree with your point-of-view. Of course, this does not mean being contrary for the sake of it, either. You must be clear about what you believe and willing to express those beliefs.As for Sarah Palin and Oprah, I am looking forward to this battle of the brands – but knowing Oprah, I think it will not be a confrontational interview. I think both their brands will benefit. What do you think? William Arruda is the founder of Reach Personal Branding, the global leader in personal branding and the … [Read more...]