Personal Branding Trends for 2014: Online Content – from Create to Curate

When social media became hot, it seemed as if every career-minded professional started their own media channel. “I must have a Blog,” many thought. They set out to build their own content machine – creating original content – even if they didn’t enjoy writing or have much to say. That has gotten old. The Blog has become another mouth to feed – one more item to maintain on a seemingly bottomless “to-do” list. This rush to become Rupert Murdoch or Ted Turner has subsided. And with good reason. It’s not always about the content you create; more often, it’s about the content you curate – your ability to be on top of everything that is happening in your industry/job function that will be in demand in 2014. After all, that’s what Murdoch and Turner did: they didn’t become successful by personally writing content themselves. Instead, they created outlets that showcase what their staffs and other professionals have produced, from journalism to entertainment. With the volume of media … [Read more...]

Take a Break and Let Your Brand Recover

I am an active person and when I am feeling stressed or anxious my cure is to jump on my bicycle and head for the mountains. My own personal brand attributes include "action" and "energy." So when I suffer from an injury, muscle strain, or cold it is hard to resist the temptation to just 'suck it up' and ride anyway. However, every athletic person will tell you that you need to let your body recover. Pushing yourself through an injury will only make things worse. By resting you actually bounce back stronger than before. I had to remind myself about this recently after a back injury was preventing me from my regular rides. Is Your Brand Suffering from a Set Back? When we decide to embark on the personal branding process we are so energized to do as much as we can to be our brands. We get feedback from others about our brand attributes, we start creating the online and offline tools to communicate our brand, and we consistently and constantly manage our brands in our daily … [Read more...]

The Best of Personal Branding TV

Last year, we launched the first ever all multi-media web site focused exclusively on personal branding. We now have over 200 video and audio files (the Reach Personal Branding Interview Series audio files are also housed at Here are the Best of 2010: Top 10 Videos: How NOT to Build Your Personal Brand What Color is Your Personal Brand? Why Personal Branding? Technological Change and New Approaches to Leadership by Personal Branding Strategist – Sheila Goldgrab Low Tech, High Impact Word of Mouth for Personal Brands Getting Good on Video Career Distinction – Express Your Essence in a Sentence Why Video? Eliminate the ‘F-Word’ Personal Branding Strategist – Valerie Sokolosky Offers Advice to Job Seekers Top 10 Videos from the Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategists: Technological Change and New Approaches to Leadership by Personal Branding Strategist – Sheila Goldgrab Low Tech, High Impact Word of Mouth for Personal … [Read more...]

YOU Can’t Handle The Truth About Personal Branding

  For me the video below is a well thought out and put together dig at what I have been seeing an explosion of this year and what is concerning me most about personal branding. Lack of depth and authenticity. It is what is causing so many online commentators to rant about it's shallowness, lack of substance, affront to the word branding, an attack on the profession of marketing etc etc. I am certainly not claiming to be the perfect example of a personal brand, far from it, in fact is there really anyone that could lay claim to such? We are all evolving our brands and as technology advances our approaches change with it.  But the point about the technology available to us is that it is a tool to help us communicate our personal brands in new ways, to more people - IT IS NOT PERSONAL BRANDING IN OF ITSELF.   In the last few months I have found myself commenting on more blog posts, more tweets on twitter and generally having more … [Read more...]

Distinguish Yourself as a Green Leader

Our global environmental crisis requires we align our thoughts and actions with the furthering of renewable, sustainable, eco-friendly solutions at work, home and play.  With green career opportunities growing at an ever increasing rate, it’s an opportune time to stand up and stand out as a leader in your niche. Businesses will be looking to hire and partner with those authentically engaged with the green movement.   Those who are knowledgeable about eco-friendly alternatives, actively integrating green lifestyle changes, and demonstrating leadership in these areas, through speaking and writing, will be setting a positive and beneficial example for others, not to mention gaining a competitive advantage.Whether you’re an entrepreneur or careerist, you can increase your visi­bility and credibility by showcasing your talents and your understanding of what it means to incorporate a green-mindset into your area of expertise.  Here are some easy ways to … [Read more...]