Creating The Connection: Being A Mentor Builds Your Brand

Here are 3 tips for being a great mentor.

1 – Set the stage
Be clear with your mentee what expectations you have for the relationship. It’s a two-way street – and both of you should understand the rules of the road. When will you meet? How often? What if one of you has to reschedule? What agenda will you follow? Clear communication up front ensures an enjoyable mentoring relationship.

Currently several Fortune 500 organizations are using Monday Morning Leadership for Women as their guide for 8 mentoring sessions.

2 – Be vulnerable
That means be authentic. Your sessions are focused on the mentee… sharing HOW you succeeded and offering your wise counsel to help your mentee be more effective in their role. Sometimes it’s helpful to share things you would have done differently or mistakes you made along the way.

3 – Be a good listener
When your mentee wants to tell all – listen to all. Unless, of course, they are “caught in their story” too long. Believe in the person and what they are trying to achieve or overcome. Listening can develop a trusted relationship in which both of you learn from each other.

Valerie SokoloskyValerie Sokolosky is a Master Personal Brand Strategist and expert thought leader in leadership presence and personal branding. A widely published author and founder of Valerie and Company, her executive coaching and training has helped companies large and small achieve their goals of increased productivity, profitability, and enhanced people skills.