Personal Branding Trend #5: Personal Branding Infused

In 2011, my company, Reach Personal Branding will turn ten. For our first few years in business, talent development executives were leery of personal branding. In fact, many thought personal branding would ‘make their employees too valuable and incented to leave the company.’

Today, personal branding is a topic that is understood and appreciated by talent development professionals around the globe. Companies realize that the 30-year, one-company career is a relic and that their employees are constantly considering their next professional moves. HR leaders understand that a better way of retaining talent is to increase engagement and help employees apply what makes them exceptional to what they do and how they do it.

In the coming years, personal branding as a development tool will grow from standalone programs (the current norm) to fully integrated learning systems. This means there will be elements of personal branding included in soft skills training at all stages of the talent grooming cycle – from new-hire orientation through leadership development. As you participate in development programs in the coming year, listen to how many times you hear references to your personal brand.

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