Personal Branding Trends for 2014: Social Savvy – from Optional to Essential

Social SavvyIf you don’t have social media skills, your brand will wither up. Period. Social media is no longer simply a lighthearted, youth-oriented way to differentiate yourself. Adopted by virtually every demographic segment, social media is now perhaps the most powerful tool in your competitors’ suite of marketing tactics. Most employees, regardless of their role or generation, will be expected to participate in their organization’s social branding efforts.

In branding, we highlight the distinction between rational brand attributes and emotional brand attributes. Rational brand attributes are concrete, deliverable traits – the table stakes that get you into the game. Emotional brand attributes help you connect with your audience on a much more meaningful and emotional level, allowing you to differentiate in a compelling way that tips the scales in your favor. Having social savvy enables you to tap the impact of authenticity and immediacy, building a personal bridge to your audience. Today, regardless of your role or level, understanding how to use social media to do your job better is a requirement, even if your superiors don’t realize it. Whether you’re sourcing staff, solving problems, enhancing relationships, developing new products, or performing research, you will thrive only if you know how to leverage social media to deliver greater value to your company.

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  1. Hi William I agree with what you say about the importance of social networks and their evolution, unfortunately there is no real culture to understand the true utility of these powerful tools in business, thanks for the article, I gladly bay


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