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the-personal-branding-blog-dress-for-success-valerie-sokoloskyThe concept of dress for success is dead! Or is it?

Granted, looking successful isn’t only about what you wear. It’s how you show up in every sense of the word. How you behave. Ways you communicate. Ideas you share. It’s the whole package of who you are and how you demonstrate your brand – authentically.

Having said that, let me zero in on what matters about your clothing choices.


Make certain your clothing fits. If you’ve gained a few pounds, gain a few new outfits.

Wear clothing that suits your style. If your brand is artistic, show your panache with color or accessories. If you’re conservative, stay with traditional pieces. If you’re in I.T. with no customer contact, jeans may fit the bill. But never be sloppy or disheveled.

Your clothing speaks volumes before you ever open your mouth. Do you wear your clothing or does your clothing wear you? If it’s outlandish or distracting, tone it down or cover it up.


Have one and stay the course. Don’t let the latest trend get you off track.

Beware the sales person who says you look terrific in everything you try on. If you’re easily persuaded, shop with a friend who will give you honest feedback.

Just because it’s a designer label, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. Does it look good on you and can you afford it?


Each of us is unique – and so are our bodies. Take a look in the mirror to see those areas you want to play up and which you’d just as soon not get noticed.

Knowledge is power – check out this description of five common body shapes.


Let’s face it – who looks really terrific in Army Green? Some do but many don’t. Know the colors that look best on you; those that bring out the best in your skin tone – from the neck up.

If you’re not sure, order this color kit and find out.




Valerie SokoloskyValerie Sokolosky is a Master Personal Brand Strategist and expert thought leader in leadership presence and personal branding. A widely published author and founder of Valerie and Company, her executive coaching and training has helped companies large and small achieve their goals of increased productivity, profitability, and enhanced people skills.


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