Expat Careers & Businesses: Storytelling about Your Brand Online and Offline

For today's post I’ve interviewed friend, colleague and fellow personal branding strategist Bernadette Martin about her new book Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline. The book explains how storytelling can help executives, entrepreneurs and professionals to message and strengthen their personal brand. I had the honor of penning a chapter in the book entitled, “How to Internationalize your Bio”. I want to thank Bernadette for taking the time to answer a few questions regarding storytelling and personal branding. • So Bernadette, how do you define the word “story” and why are stories so powerful? I believe a story is an expression of real and imagined experiences, crafted and woven by the storyteller in a sensory fashion. This can play out in an oral, written, visual or tactical context in a book, movie, poem, song or dance. Stories can be expressed online through vehicles like YouTube, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Second Life and more. Stories capture and … [Read more...]

What Is Your Personal Brand Story?

Whether you are a job seeker, entrepreneur / small business owner, employed professional, student, consultant, author, or retired, you have a brand story. That story goes to the heart of who you really are and what makes you unique. It can clarify your values and passions, or speak to your goals and dreams. If written well, it can also attract the attention of your target audience (employers, hiring managers, clients, or book buyers, for example) and persuade them to do hire/promote/buy YOU! Discovering your personal brand and communicating it in a compelling and clear manner to those who matter is not easy. Until now that is… My international friend and Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist colleague Bernadette Martin of Visibility Branding has just released her new book Storytelling about Your Brand Online and Offline. This book is a must-read if you want to: Understand the difference between a Bio and a Resume Develop branded, storytelling content for your Bio and … [Read more...]