5 Easy Ways to Do it Right- In Gratitude

Stay alert! Or you might miss a blessing. In our hurry scurry world, it’s easy to miss those little things that can make life more meaningful. Someone went out of their way to help you. A stranger said something nice to you. A friend from the past called you out of the blue. Here are easy ways to show gratitude! Say thank you in person. Texting and email is the easy way out. It is much more impactful to acknowledge someone in person. Learn together. Strong leaders teach others to be leaders! If you’ve learned something relevant, share it. If you’ve read a great book, share it. If you’ve attended an exciting webinar, share it. Give - just because.  It’s always nice to receive a card for a special occasion. It’s extra special to give someone a “just because card” when they least expect it! Thankful Thursdays. How about setting aside a few minutes on a Thursday to do or say something in gratitude? It’s a habit worth repeating. Give with no strings attached. When you see … [Read more...]

Brand Presence and Productivity

Here's interesting information to consider on those days when you feel like you haven't been as productive as you had hoped. Taken from Mark Batterson's book, Draw the Circle. "It may feel like you are sitting still right now, but you are not. You are on a planet that is rotating on its axis at 1,000 miles per hour. Like clockwork, it makes one full revolution every twenty-four hours. And if that isn't amazing enough, planet Earth is moving around the sun at speeds approaching 67,000 miles per hour! So the next time you feel like you've had an unproductive day, remind yourself that you did travel more than 1.5 million miles through space today." Some of my work days get so interrupted with unexpected events, drop bys, or meetings that it drives me crazy. My to-do list is shot and frustration sets in around 3PM as I stare at those tasks I needed to complete that haven't even begun. Sound familiar? In reflecting on how I could be more productive and less stressed, I began to … [Read more...]

3 Tips To Start Building a LinkedIn SEO Strategy

I was talking with a solopreneur who mentioned they had recently search engine optimised (SEO) their website. I asked her if she had search engine optimised her LinkedIn profile. Her response was she hadn’t actually thought about it. As I explained, LinkedIn, first and foremost, is a search engine. It’s similar to Google in that it’s designed for people to use to search for what they’re looking for. Not only does this mean that you can turn up in a search result in LinkedIn; you can also turn up in a Google search if you optimised your profile. Gravitate Online reported that 94% of web visitors don't go beyond the first page of their search results. The advantage of this is that you can beat your competitors, even if they’re large organisations, in a Google as well as a LinkedIn search. One of the first things you need to have in your profile is search engine optimisation, or SEO. SEO is about having the correct words in your profile so that you turn up in search … [Read more...]

Branding Through Change

Working many years as a change management consultant in Fortune 500 companies, I learned how leaders handle the stress that often accompanies changes - like a reorganization, downsizing (or whatever sizing is the buzzword of the day!), mergers or acquisition, and even having a new boss. What can you do during these difficult times to express your brand’s strengths and never deviate from your strong brand? Here are a few tips – not only from me, but from those I worked with during those years. • Push the patience lever to full throttle. It's easy to lose it! And it takes a strong leader to wait until your own stress has subsided a bit before you say or do something you'll regret. • Be willing to say, "I don’t know." Don't ever fake it 'til you make it. Here's what an admired CEO chose to do when his company was being acquired. People were constantly asking him what was happening, when would they know if their job was in jeopardy, and who would be in charge – the current or future … [Read more...]

Personal Branding Trends for 2014: Charitable Causes – From Afterthought to Starting Point

Every major company engages in some type of philanthropy, but there is a trend toward companies whose entire mission is tied to giving back. In a recent article published in Strategy+Business, James O’Toole talks about the new business structure—the B (for benefit) corporation. Patagonia is perhaps the best known example of this model, which has been gaining traction in the U.S. Facilitating the growing social entrepreneurship movement, B charters permit boards to make decisions that benefit society, even when those actions aren’t in the immediate interest of shareholders (note how different this is from the nonprofit structure). As more and more millennials enter the workforce and move into more senior roles, values will enter into the equation more than they have in the past. In Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World, David Burstein writes, “Millennials are highly connected to – and are extremely conscious of – their values. They see the world from a values … [Read more...]