Follow the Lead of Successful Career Change Artists

When you go to work each day, you feel like you’re punching a clock. You lack passion for your work, a true love for what you do. You’ve heard “love what you do, and you’ll never work another day in your life,” but can’t imagine such a saying applying to you. You’ve thought a little about career reinvention, but don’t know where to begin. Does the above scenario sound like you? If you’re not fulfilled with your current career, you might want to make a change. How do you determine which career to move to, and how to make the change? One thing can help: listen to people interviewed in Aspire!’s Change made simple podcasts series. These are change artists who have been in your shoes, feeling what you’re feeling.  While these four professionals worked in fields ranging from finance to marketing, they all had one big thing in common — they felt unfulfilled and needed to make a change. In the podcasts, you’ll hear these stories: John G. left a successful career as a business … [Read more...]

Career Reinvention: Following a Passion

The Challenge Michele spent 20 years as a Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach.  Although she loved her work, she felt that there was something else to which she really wanted to give more attention.  She had been fitting art into her life in between her professional commitments. Now it was time to make art her full time job! Michele wanted to integrate her professional skills of coaching and teaching into her new work in art.  She turned to Randi Bussin to help her formulate a strategy for holding collage workshops in her new art studio. The Solution Randi guided Michele in envisioning her ideal work life: how much time she would devote to her own art and how much time to running workshops.  They looked at her financial goals, and Michele and Randi discussed her vision for this next chapter of her life. In the second phase of this Career Reinvention work, Randi and Michele developed a business and marketing plan.  This included analyzing the financial aspects of the … [Read more...]

Are You Stuck In Your Career? 3 Ways To Push Your Brand Forward?

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of the lives." The classic soap opera Days of Our Lives has it right when it comes to face slapping, jaw dropping, backstabbing drama. Does this sound like a regular day at work? Your job can sometimes make your days feel like you've involuntarily stepped into an episode of a soap opera (or the Twilight Zone). Yet, despite the daily drama, many strong brands stay in situations where they're not happy. I know this from Facebook feeds filled with "I hate my job" rants (yes, just as subtle), people on the train who look like extras from The Walking Dead, and casual conversations that make you wish you never asked "How are you?". The real problem with being stuck in your career is that you can easily become "one of them".  You know, the people you never identified with when you were on top of your game. The truth is that even the best of us have had a time when we were stagnant in our careers (You may be in this phase right … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Build A Profitable Personal Brand

What if you were told that each year you stay at a dead-end job you’re losing money? And not just a couple of thousands here and there, but a significant amount that’s the difference between just  being “okay” or having the financial freedom to do the things you want to do. Enough money to set you back at least $15,000. Too often, intelligent and talented professionals are leaving money on the table staying at dead-end jobs. And by “dead-end,” I mean any job where there’s little potential to make more money or grow your brand within a company; you’re stagnant financially, mentally, or both. Either way, it’s like a movie so bad you can’t help but to think about all the time you lost that you'll never get back. Maybe you're good at what you do and have grown accustomed to your work; your job offers a flexible schedule and you can take time off when you want; or aside from a few rotten apples, your coworkers have become like family and it's nice to go where everybody knows your name … [Read more...]

Branding Through Change: 3 Ways to Transition Your Personal Brand

You are Jane Smith; therefore, you shall always be Jane Smith. Everyone knows you as a finance professional, so no new marketing career for you. Of course these sentiments are far from being true. As the saying from Heraclitus goes, “the only constant is change.” So what does that mean for your personal brand? Are you stuck with it like a scar "branded" on your skin, or is there room to reinvent yourself? After all, passionate intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are always thinking about their next move. But sometimes wondering how others will accept the change, or how to execute it, causes uncertainty. Here are three ways to approach transitioning your personal brand as you evolve. 1. Determine the necessary steps. As with most things that need solutions, your first step should be to evaluate the change. If you’re an administrative professional that wants to move into a more senior role, think about the steps you need to take towards that direction. You may want to start by working … [Read more...]