What Is Your Personal Brand Story?

Whether you are a job seeker, entrepreneur / small business owner, employed professional, student, consultant, author, or retired, you have a brand story. That story goes to the heart of who you really are and what makes you unique. It can clarify your values and passions, or speak to your goals and dreams. If written well, it can also attract the attention of your target audience (employers, hiring managers, clients, or book buyers, for example) and persuade them to do hire/promote/buy YOU! Discovering your personal brand and communicating it in a compelling and clear manner to those who matter is not easy. Until now that is… My international friend and Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist colleague Bernadette Martin of Visibility Branding has just released her new book Storytelling about Your Brand Online and Offline. This book is a must-read if you want to: Understand the difference between a Bio and a Resume Develop branded, storytelling content for your Bio and … [Read more...]

Change Leadership Is Changing

The evolution of change management is inevitable. The traditional top-down silo model of leading change in companies came about in a pre-2.0 world. Now, with the advent of flat organizational structure, rampant social networking, and the ever-present push for transparency, expectations and engagement have changed. Consequently, getting change right is not so easy. The best ideas can get stalled or stymied by lack of involvement and commitment from the very people who are tasked with implementing those ideas. In the June 2010 Reach Personal Branding Interview, guest expert Seth Kahan, author of Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out will discuss the new face of change leadership with William Arruda. Learn about Seth’s new model of leadership communication and how to: Create rapid, widespread engagement Communicate so people get it and spread it Energize your most valuable players Understand the territory of change Accelerate change … [Read more...]

Dealing with Job Search Stress

Jordan Friedman, known as The Stress Coach, shares “Smart Stress Reduction Tactics to Use on a Job Hunt”. This article was featured in his recent newsletter Stress Release.Take ControlAsk not what you can do for a potential employer, but what a potential employer can do for you. Feeling in control is vital to stress reduction, so inject this mindset into your job search and interviews to inoculate you against some of the stress of this process. Ask prospective employers about their mission, expectations, work environment and other traits important to you, a technique that also communicates confidence, self-respect and skill under pressure.Shout Out SuccessesList your many strengths from building efficient project teams to baking "top chef" chocolate cupcakes. Rejection can eat away at your self-confidence, so it's important to regularly review your menu of impressive skills, reinforcing self-esteem.Call for BackupConvene and consult people who praise, encourage, and if … [Read more...]