Looking to Elevate Your Personal Brand? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Quit Now

Often career experts talk about what I call the rainbows and butterflies version of having a successful career, but this doesn’t show the complete picture. What usually happens is that the emotional challenges that come with change are treated like a movie extra when in fact it plays a lead role. While I’m all for the “you can do it approach,” I also think we need to address the importance of having the right mindset when it comes to making a career move. You can do everything right on paper but still not make any progress because mental roadblocks are holding you back. Here are some things you must quit if you want to move forward and elevate your personal brand. 1. Ignoring Your Personal Brand   Most people don’t set out to build their personal brand because it’s a fun wishlist item. It’s usually because they want more of something they’re currently not getting enough of—be it money, opportunities, or freedom. Whether you openly accept this fact or begrudge the thought … [Read more...]

How to use LinkedIn to help you start your own business… without jeopardising your current role.

Forbes recently reported that “by 2020, many predict that freelancers will make up 50% of the labor force.” I have worked with an increasing number of clients that are looking to transition from full time employment to their own business. According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics research (June 2014), sole traders account for 61 per cent of Australian business. In my experience, some Soloprenuers and Consultants are setting up LinkedIn as their first step of setting up their business – even before a website.  For some, having a strong LinkedIn profile is often cheaper and faster, they can hit the ground running and access their ideal buyers in corporate markets more easily. I recently worked with an Accountant who was based in Brisbane and worked for a leading consulting firm. Her 12 month goal was to transition into her own business. She wanted to know how she could use LinkedIn now to help support her future goals. Of course, during this transition time she … [Read more...]

Why Your Resume Won’t Cut it on LinkedIn

I recently worked with a client who was a manager in a professional services business and, although she didn’t have a particular role in mind, her plan was to move to a new role within the next 12 months. We had talked about her resume and the importance of making it outcomes focused. We were moving on to her LinkedIn profile when she asked: “But don’t I just upload my resume to my LinkedIn profile?” I explained that her resume could include more comprehensive details on her past, while her LinkedIn profile was about her future. I explained that if she was to just upload her resume to her profile, she would not be maximising LinkedIn’s capabilities. Her LinkedIn profile was in the public domain, and her resume contained confidential information we couldn’t put on her profile. Furthermore, Business Insider Australia recently reported: “Users who simply post a static resume (on LinkedIn) and don’t make an effort to interact with others in their network will not receive as … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Writing a Resume in the Digital First World

I recently worked with a client who came to me to say that their resume used to work for them, but now they are not even getting an interview. After talking to the client, a quick Google search located her LinkedIn profile. Her LinkedIn profile was search engine optimised with strong positioning and presented her well. When I got her resume, it was another story: it was a traditional list of tasks and responsibilities that was quite different from the first, positive impression I got from her Google search results. William Arruda recently wrote an article for Forbes that stated: “The resume used to be the tool that would get you noticed. Now, by the time someone has seen your resume, they’ve already Googled you.” In Ctrl Alt Delete, Mitch Joel introduces “digital first”: the concept that the first place we learn about people is online. This means that no matter what industry you are in, when writing a resume in the digital first world, you need to be aware that before someone … [Read more...]

4 Ways Your Personal Brand Wins with No

Without a doubt technological advancements, especially in digital media, have expanded the way business is carried out. Never before have business transactions and communication been so quick, effective, and cheap. A lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs have this digital revolution to thank, given the ease of starting up a new business endeavor. With the help of digital technology, a business can be run with little startup money and the staff of one. However, this convenience in small business has also brought about a new problem: saying no to work. Refusing work for small business can be a real issue for young entrepreneurs looking to establish their brands in a very competitive market. The fear of losing clients very easily leads some businesses to fear to saying no. Instances for saying no As a small business, you want to establish credibility with your clients, and make a name for yourself. Given your nature, you will very likely focus on your strengths, and not think … [Read more...]