Prepare for an Exciting Career Journey in 2017

As you gear up for the holidays and some well-earned time off, you can also use this period to review your past year of work and see where you want to go in 2017.  Whether you’re looking to secure a new job offer, advance at your current company or start a new business, you can journey down the road toward your goals. Before you start the trip, however, you need to fill your car with fuel. Accomplishments fuel career aspirations.  An accomplishment is simply an example of your work that has made a difference to your organization or client. There are many ways to track accomplishments, and one way is a victory journal. To start your journal, make a note any time you receive a congratulatory job well-done from your boss or a colleague. You can include anything you did well, such as the quarterly report you slaved over. You can also incorporate any responsibilities you had that were new — such as a solo client presentation. Try to make entries in your journal each month. As you … [Read more...]

Warning: Your Resume Is Not Doing Your Personal Brand Any Justice

Does your resume have terms like “responsible for,” “helped with,” or “duties included”? Unless you’re referring to your hall monitor gig in the 5th grade or pet sitting, it’s time for an intervention. These terms do not make your personal brand sound marketable or entice a recruiter to want to know more about your skills. I know there are hundreds of articles circulating that talk about resume do’s and don’ts.  But the reality is that many people are still making the same mistakes—whether they realize it or not. One of the biggest mistakes I see on resumes is a laundry list of tasks that sounds more like a job description than a compelling portrayal of your personal brand and professional experience. If you don’t care enough to at least try to sound impressive, why should they be impressed? Recruiters go through job descriptions every day. The last thing they want to do is read them back in the form of a resume. Another mistake is the overuse of buzzwords. Terms like “best of … [Read more...]

Podcasts Enhance Word of Mouth Marketing for Small and Personal Brands

With the surge in smart phone use, most online activity can be done handily and on the go. Apart from the usual phone calls and text messages, there are a lot of things that you can do like taking notes, capturing photos, playing games, listening to your favorite podcasts or recording your own, among others. The modern customer is on their mobile device more than ever. As a result, a shift is being experienced in how consumers buy certain products or services. This is why entrepreneurs and small business owners have tapped several avenues to take advantage of the mobile internet platform. As it has always been, people like to engage on a personal level with regard to products that interest them in order to ensure it meets their active lifestyle. They want to know information at the most convenient time for them. People continue to multitask. They want to know more about brands even while they're on the treadmill, on the road, or while at work.  Podcasts provide a way for people to … [Read more...]

People Do Business with People – Still

With all the technological advances the modern world has to offer (mobile Internet, social networking, and even the classic email list), brands often find themselves focused on a power screen, working to improve their online statistic numbers- rather than the people and individuals that make up those statistics. What businesses should realize though, is that each one of those individuals in the online world is a person, and it is with people that you do business with, regardless of the medium chosen to deliver the message to them. Connecting with business relationships First of all, it’s essential that any brand focus its efforts on making connections with the right networks. With social and other online networking tools, it’s easy to get caught up talking with just about everyone. However, most of those conversations don’t offer the valuable connections your brand needs to succeed. Focusing your efforts on specific groups and individuals will allow you to develop contacts … [Read more...]

Look Up and Face Word of Mouth

Smartphones have become a great asset to every individual. Whether they’re building a small business or shopping on their favorite site, these devices allow people to stay connected in the most opportune ways. The smartphone relationship Unfortunately, this has resulted in a side effect that isn’t so greatly appreciated. For many, the smartphone has become the only gateway for communication. Calls? Texts? Emails? Social network updates? All these things become a priority, even when in the company of others. And the trouble here is that most users aren’t able to say “no” to interruptions like these. Rather than focusing their present audience, they indulge in a social comment or watch the latest trending video –   alone and outside of the conversation. When the only conversation partner you seem to have is your phone, you quickly find that those in the world around you aren’t paying attention to you either. For those who are developing their network or contacts, this isn’t … [Read more...]