Understanding the Brand Extraction Process as a Transitioning Brand

Branding has never been more important than it is today. There’s just too much noise out there, too many people jostling for the same position, too many brands competing for the same market. As a personal brand, you may have found your small, little niche as an employee at a company. You were happy with that… for a while. But then you started wanting more. You decided you want to make that leap from employee to employer, to become your own boss and start your own small business. It can be tricky, however, to transition your brand from a personal to a business one. You may already have a good personal brand, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have a successful business one. Being an entrepreneur is a lot different from being an employee or working for someone. This is why if you’re looking into transitioning your personal brand into something more, Reach’s personal branding methodology can help you. It is a comprehensive process involving three steps that helps … [Read more...]

$2 billion+ losses, thoughtless tweets or resume lies – it’s all about personal brand leadership…..or not

When you set out to go mountain climbing, as in business, there are a number of factors that increase your chances of success, but if not can cause a fall. Knowledge - past experience, having all the right equipment packed, planning your route, practicing the more difficult traverses ahead of time. Teamwork - having the right team with you, knowing everyones strengths (and weaknesses), understanding you do not have all the answers. Realism - not living in the clouds thinking whatever happens that it's all going to be great. Having dreams yes, but ensuring your feet are set firmly in reality so that you make clear headed decisions. This past weekend's deaths of four climbers on Mount Everest, highlight the continual human drive to achieve the ultimate pinnacle. People with the drive to fulfil lifelong dreams and goals, willing to pay the ultimate price. Without knowing all the details and what they faced you do wonder if they stuck to those three principles. Recently we … [Read more...]

There are lies, damned lies and resumes

Well it was only a matter of time before we saw it again. People seem to easily forget that celebrities and CEO's are human too. That means a small percentage will also do things that surprise the rest of us. This time it was Scott Thompson, now former CEO of Yahoo, the beleagured internet company, uncovered as having lied on his resume. His claim was to have a double degree, when an unhappy investor discovered that one of those degrees was not even offered by Thompson's school until after he had graduated! Three things that Thompson did that accelerated his downfall; 1. He first of all pleaded ignorance. 2. Then he lied, blaming it on of all people his headhunters. 3. Finally he did not apologise It now has been reported that Thompson may be suffering from thyroid cancer, my empathy to him if that is the case. But his actions have now damaged a leadership brand that previously had been held up as a technology success and likely a strong factor in his being hired … [Read more...]

Let Your Personal Brand SOAR!

  The SWOT analysis continues to be one of the most widely used strategic planning tools. Organizations use it all the time to analyze how to remain competitive by looking internally at their 'Strengths' and 'Weaknesses' and externally at 'Opportunities' and 'Threats.' When it was first created it was actually called SOFT - satisfactory , opportunity, fault, and threat. In 1964 the originators changed 'satisfactory' to 'strength' and replaced 'fault' with 'weakness.' Over 40 years later SWOT has remained unchanged, and is even being used by individuals to strategize about their own life and careers.  Some career coaches advocate using the framework as a way to identify what separates you from your peers and develop the talents you need to advance your career. SWOT can be very useful in the personal branding process as it does focus on our strengths. However, once weaknesses enter the equation it tends to dominate our thinking and we fall into a trap. Our focus turns to … [Read more...]

Paul Allen – Idea Man – a memoir by the co-founder of Microsoft

Personal Brand Leadership - Book Review © 2011 MIE Services LLC - 358 pages hardback $- US 27.95 / Cdn $35 PERSONAL BRAND LEADERSHIP POINTERS From this book you will learn: - The importance of having several avenues of interest to round out your brand. - How you can enjoy your passions AND make it part of who you are. - Remain true to your core beliefs and not wavering. - Understand the power of doing what you're uniquely good at. Paul Allen is certainly best known by many as the co-founder of Microsoft, who left in the early 1980's but still wound up a multi-billionaire. Many might also choose to pick up this book to find out the insider scoop on what really happened in his 'fall out' with Bill Gates. Certainly the publishers have positioned this book to portray these very two renowned key points. However there is much more to this autobiography than just dishing the dirt and making billions from Microsoft. It could be argued that Allen has had more … [Read more...]