5 Tips for Your Personal Brand to Blossom!

Spring has finally arrived in Japan and with it comes cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom tree is a symbol of the change in seasons. With the explosion of pink blossoms we all know that the winter weather has finally passed. Japanese are drawn to these trees and are compelled to sit under them to enjoy the blossoms while they last. Unfortunately, the extraordinary pink color is short-lived as the blossoms disappear after a week or so. The cherry blossom tree becomes ordinary, indistinguishable from any other tree. The cherry blossom  reminds me of our personal brands. Our personal brand is what makes us extraordinary. It separates us from all others who offer something similar. Like a cherry blossom our personal brand allows us to stand out and attract people to our promise of value. But unlike the cherry blossom we do not want our personal brands to be short-lived. Strong brands deliver on their authenticity all of the time.  If our brand is present for just 1 week and then … [Read more...]