Quiz: 8 factors to predict if you’re going to succeed

Have you ever said to yourself, “If only there was a way for me to know if I’m going to succeed in achieving the goal I’ve set or the task I’ve set out to do BEFORE I actually invest a lot of time, money and energy”? Well, I can tell you there is! Based on my 16 years of experience as a coach and consultant, I can say there is a way for you to predict if you're going to persevere and follow through with your goal. Here are 8 factors to predict if you’re going to succeed in reaching the goal you’ve set. Read each sentence carefully. Then for each one of them, score yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being not at all, and 10 being absolutely. Quiz I take 100% responsibility for where I am in life. The goal I’ve set is based on at least one of these: my passion, values, or life purpose. The goal I’ve set is in line with my strengths and talents. I’m focusing on just one goal at a time (and not pursuing multiple different goals). I have the ability and resilience to cope … [Read more...]

7 Listening Techniques to Increase Professional Success

Listening has always been considered a critical determining factor in successful communications. However, in this post, I’d like to introduce to you 7 listening techniques to increase professional success. Listening Is Not Easy! According to iPEC Coaching, listening can be a challenge because: We have less training and practice in listening than the other forms of communication. Listening as a mode of communication is used 40% of the time yet our formal training is very minimal, if any. By comparison, writing, which is used 9% of the time, is where we’ve all had at least 12 years of formal training (grades 1 – 12). We can take in information faster than it can be spoken. The average person’s rate of listening is 400-500 words per minute. The average person’s rate of speech is 110 – 160 words per minute. So when we are listening, our minds can wander with its excess capacity. As a result, we can get distracted or lose focus. Four Levels of Listening Dr. Ben Palmer and … [Read more...]

12 Effective Ways to Increase Your Self-Confidence

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” –Wayne Dyer A very common question that I often get asked is, “How do I increase my self-confidence?” Obviously, most successful people appear to be very self-confident, but is there a method to boost your self-esteem? Actually, there is. Here, I offer 12 effective ways to increase your self-confidence:   1. Change your thoughts, change your life. Whether you like it or not, it’s true: you create the world you live in. The thoughts that you think create the emotions you experience, and those emotions lead you to do certain actions, which finally end in results that shape your world (and your reality). Therefore, it’s wise to say that your thoughts create your reality, simple as that. Now, it’s very empowering to realize that it’s always up to you to choose what thought to put into your mind at any given moment. Compare: A: THOUGHT: This is a difficult exam and 90 percent of test-takers fail. So, … [Read more...]