Your Moment in the Spotlight: Marketing Yourself for a Corporate Board Role

Many seasoned executives set their sights on the next “role” of their career: a corporate board appointment. In our previous blog posting, we discussed the self-reflection and networking needed to land a board position. In this blog posting, we’ll explore three different marketing materials you may need to land your “audition” — a meeting to discuss a board appointment. Ronit Molko, PhD, BCBA-D, a healthcare consultant and board member, states how important this step in your search is. “Securing a board role requires a solid networking and communications strategy that achieves several things. It must showcase your strengths and expertise that are in line with the company you want to serve; demonstrate how you connect your strengths to that organization’s governance and regulatory needs; and convey your leadership traits. Your marketing approach is as essential as the unique experience and talents you will bring to this role.” Read on to secure a top role! Here are three … [Read more...]

The Gift of Your Personal Brand: How to Effectively Present Your Elevator Pitch – Part 2

If you're wondering if your elevator pitch is hitting the right note, you're halfway there. When taking a look at what makes a standout elevator pitch in Part 1, you know that it should be like a great present: carefully selected, catered to the receiver, and memorable. Consider these concepts your checklist to make sure you're on the right path. But, now what? The next step is to make sure that your elevator pitch works in your favor without isolating the receiver. Sure, it's important to highlight your personal brand in a way that will build a new connection or business opportunity. Yet, it’s also about engaging with a potential network and opening the door to learn more about each other. With our checklist in mind, let's dig deeper into how to effectively present your elevator pitch. Pin the Pitch on the WIFM As important as it is to showcase your personal brand, always appeal to the receiver’s WIFM—what's in it for me. The WIFM principle states you should speak in terms of … [Read more...]

The Gift of Your Personal Brand: How to Effectively Present Your Elevator Pitch – Part 1

Why is it sometimes so hard to answer such a simple question like, "what do you do?" It can almost feel like that moment when you're trying to recall your computer password and your brain goes completely blank. Yes, you should know it. Yes, you do know it. But knowing and recalling, or in this case relaying, can be two separate things. An elevator pitch is a snapshot of your career and personal brand summarized in a minute or less. No, it’s not about speed talking. It’s about you being able to relay your skills and brand in a memorable way at the drop of a dime—whether in a business or casual setting. Gift Wrap Your Elevator Pitch Consider your elevator pitch your professional skills and personal brand wrapped up in a colorful and neat package topped off with a bow–figuratively speaking, of course (and the bow is optional). Your elevator pitch should be well put together and express your personal brand in an authentic and impactful way. If you were to think of relaying your … [Read more...]

Introductions That Make Sense

People today are always on the move, and they love to get hold of any information the fastest way that they can. If you have a potential customer with very limited time to listen to take in a sales pitch, what will you say to make a memorable impression? How are you going to create a lasting impact that can convince them to buy your brand? Elevator pitch An elevator pitch is a powerful marketing tool that tells your story in less than a minute. It is a brief statement about who you are, what your business does, and why it is special. It is an ice-breaker that must have a hook to your audience that will capture their attention to know more about you. However, condensing all your life's achievements in a less-than-60-second speech is a hard task to cover. In creating your elevator pitch, there should be balance on what to include and what to leave out, with the aim that you won't look boring or too pushy. The key here is to adapt your speech to the situation that you … [Read more...]

Were You Always Like That?

Call it an elevator pitch. Call it a self-introduction. Describing ourselves is one of the most challenging things we are called upon to do.  Some people stumble through. Some people say way too much. Some people wrap themselves in buzzwords related to their area of expertise. Fact is, most folks simply aren’t comfortable talking about themselves, whether in live situations, on paper, or in online profiles.  Yet, in today’s ever more connected and competitive world, crafting a self-introduction has never been more important. Not only does it relate your expertise and convey your unique promise of value, but it's also key to inviting and encouraging people to connect with you. At recent career transition strategy session, I asked attendees to introduce themselves, and include one key piece of information they believed a decision maker should know about them. What I didn’t tell them was that I’d be asking why they shared what they did! Frankly, I was as surprised as they … [Read more...]