Class is Earned and Learned

People notice more about you than you might think. One of my favorite clients shared, recently, that she was so appreciative of having a boss who walked his talk and was a leader everyone respected and enjoyed working for. “It’s the little things people notice and appreciate about him,” she explained. That conversation led me to think about some of the “little things” we can all do that reflect professionalism. Here are a few to keep in mind: Keep your word! If you tell someone you’re going to do something, such as get your resume done on a certain date, follow through! Continuing to ignore promises or to break your word sets up a pattern. Many people have wonderful start-up skills and then drop the ball sometime before the project is completed. Following through is as important as making the commitment. Never burn bridges (unless you’re a carpenter)! Ever had a confrontation over a misunderstanding? Taking responsibility is the mark of a true professional. No matter what … [Read more...]

Show Executive Presence in How You Deal with Critics

We all have them—critics I mean. They can be as close as the person across the breakfast table or as distant as an unknown source of a nasty “Tweet” on your Twitter account. You can’t control what critics say, but you can control your reactions! Maintain composure by considering how the criticism may just be an opportunity for your growth. Dwelling on the negative will only cause stress and doubt. Who needs that?! Leaders are always on stage, being watched by those they are influencing. What a great responsibility it is to choose to react positively! To decide to put forth the effort to be exceptional! To select the action most appropriate! So how do you handle criticism? Here are five ways to handle your critics: Listen with an open mind to what they’re saying. Having an open mind doesn’t mean you agree. It just means you hear the possibilities. Listen and look for opportunities for personal growth. A critic’s words may at the very least help you discover a different … [Read more...]

Make Your Mark and Make It Count!

Networking with Executive Presence Last month was a flurry of events and conferences where I found myself in the midst of people I had never met. What fun to stand back and observe first hand some people who exuded executive presence from the minute they entered the room. What a dilemma to watch others struggle throughout the evening, glancing at their watch as if it was going to ring when their time was up and they could leave. Showing up with executive presence is not a matter of being an extravert with the gift of gab. Rather, it’s showing up exactly as who you are – authentically – while practicing some basic skills anyone can learn. So lean in as I share these stories. 1 – Be prepared: Watch and listen to those who have executive presence. John came over to our group as we were deep in conversation about the last speaker’s messages. It took a moment for him to enter into the discussion. Instead of disrupting the flow, he waited for the “right time” to share his point of … [Read more...]