Prepare for an Exciting Career Journey in 2017

As you gear up for the holidays and some well-earned time off, you can also use this period to review your past year of work and see where you want to go in 2017.  Whether you’re looking to secure a new job offer, advance at your current company or start a new business, you can journey down the road toward your goals. Before you start the trip, however, you need to fill your car with fuel. Accomplishments fuel career aspirations.  An accomplishment is simply an example of your work that has made a difference to your organization or client. There are many ways to track accomplishments, and one way is a victory journal. To start your journal, make a note any time you receive a congratulatory job well-done from your boss or a colleague. You can include anything you did well, such as the quarterly report you slaved over. You can also incorporate any responsibilities you had that were new — such as a solo client presentation. Try to make entries in your journal each month. As you … [Read more...]

Moving from Analysis Paralysis to Action

Your target market is constantly changing due to its audience and method variables. New technology and new trends inevitably mean that communication channels shift and change, develop and emerge and that constant flux is something that you as the master of your personal brand need to keep ever aware of. For many, this can seemingly present an overwhelming workload. Marketing oneself can become a burden and extraordinarily time consuming. The truth is that we make the marketing process more difficult than it needs to be. We get caught up researching and developing a strategy and neglect to apply it and begin moving forward. Take Things One Step at a Time and Stay Focused Getting caught up with searching for information and studying “how to” blogs is common when it comes to marketing strategies. However, it’s important to understand that techniques and applications do change regularly, especially in the rapid growing online world of marketing. If you find yourself caught up … [Read more...]

Why Goal Setting is Important for “Personal Branding for Dummies”

As Reach's Chief Content Officer, it's my pleasure to introduce to you our guest blogger for today. Randi Bussin.  Randi is a Reach Strategist and a contributing author to "Personal Branding for Dummies." Today's Guest Author: Randi Bussin, the Founder and President of Aspire!, is a career reinvention strategist, a rare quality that distinguishes her from other career coaches. She thrives on partnering with bright and successful New Englanders seeking more meaningful work aligned with their values, and reignites the internal spark and passion that has been dimmed by their current professional role. Randi guides them to gain clarity, a renewed sense of direction, and an actionable career reinvention plan. In my work as a Career Reinvention and Personal Branding Strategist, I am amazed to discover how many people don’t take the time to think about the path they are on and where they are heading. They simply wake up in the morning, have a cup of tea or coffee, and push the … [Read more...]

How to Achieve Your Big Picture Vision for Your Life

Joel Osteen once said the reason your rear-view mirror is smaller than your windshield is because what is past cannot be changed and is small in comparison to what lies ahead. The big picture, aka your vision, is a large piece of the personal branding process. What legacy do you want to leave and what are the goals for achieving that vision? How to Determine Your Career Values First, define your values and determine your values. Are they: A must Something you can tolerate, or Something you will NOT tolerate A free tool to help you to determine your career values can be taken at How Goals Can Help You Achieve Career Success As William Arruda, CEO and Founder of Reach Communications, states in the video, "Turn Your Goals Into Gold," you want to establish short-, mid-, and long-term goals. If you have just launched your career as a Marketing Assistant, but your long-term goal is to be the Chief Marketing Officer for a Fortune 500 company, what … [Read more...]