4 Ways Your Personal Brand Wins with No

Without a doubt technological advancements, especially in digital media, have expanded the way business is carried out. Never before have business transactions and communication been so quick, effective, and cheap. A lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs have this digital revolution to thank, given the ease of starting up a new business endeavor. With the help of digital technology, a business can be run with little startup money and the staff of one. However, this convenience in small business has also brought about a new problem: saying no to work. Refusing work for small business can be a real issue for young entrepreneurs looking to establish their brands in a very competitive market. The fear of losing clients very easily leads some businesses to fear to saying no. Instances for saying no As a small business, you want to establish credibility with your clients, and make a name for yourself. Given your nature, you will very likely focus on your strengths, and not think … [Read more...]

3 Signs You Need to Market Yourself More

I was visiting with someone this weekend and we were talking about the fact that marketing isn't just for small business or people seeking a new career or job. Often I write to and about small business owners since that’s where I spend most of my time and focus.  Yet, readers who are employed have asked for some tips that would help them “market themselves on the job”. The 3 signs you need to market yourself more Most people need to maintain a job, some even two, for themselves and for their families. Sometimes, there are things that you encounter that make you feel incompetent. And that no matter what you do, you feel that you just wouldn’t be good enough for the job/position. So what are the signs that you need to market yourself more on the job? 1. You are continuously given no-brainer tasks. That would be understandable if you’ve been working at an entry-level position without any previous work experience for only a few months. However, if you think that you have been … [Read more...]

3 Tweaks To Express and Engage Your Brand On YouTube

I shared about a month ago that I’ve embarked on the journey of creating a new YouTube channel for myself.  I have had a YouTube channel for years with a little over 70 videos and lots of views. And, as promised I would take you along on the journey. Here’s the next chapter: Are you maximizing how you express and engage your personal brand utilizing the YouTube platform? 1. Create a brand rich unsubscribed visitor trailer It’s a mouth full. Here’s what it means. When people who are not subscribed to your YouTube channel come to visit your channel, you have the option to create a quick video introduction to them or “trailer” that gives them a preview to what your channel focuses on. It’s important to know what your personal brand attributes are and to know your unique promise of value and make sure, in a few video moment, that you capture and communicate those. This is a chance for a potential viewer to get to know you.  It gives them a quick sample of who you are and helps … [Read more...]

Creating a YouTube Channel for Your Personal Brand

William Arruda has often shared that video is moving into more of an important role in your personal branding strategy.  After all, over 48% of us are using our mobile devices solely to check email, and more and more apps, activities, television and movie watching are happening on the mobile platform.  Location, location, location is quickly being replaced by convenience, convenience, convenience. And, mobile is convenient. While there are several platforms you can host your videos on, you cannot deny the leader in the video space is YouTube.  Even though other platforms can be perceived as more professional or you may even have more control of ads appearing or not and recommended videos appearing or not, remember what I said about convenience, convenience, convenience?  Look quickly at the mobile apps included in your new smartphone and you’ll see that YouTube is already there. What Content is Best for Your Brand I’ll leave the topic of content that you are actually sharing … [Read more...]

What 3 Things Made Your Appreciation Meaningless Yesterday?

It’s Administrative Professionals week and yesterday was National Administrative Professional’s Day. The day we are supposed to take the time to honor and genuinely be grateful for those who work in the administrative assistant field. The intention is to express appreciation.  Yet, what is sent and what is received is not always the same message.  If you don’t believe that, think of the ever popular telephone game when one person’s words are passed a long down a line of people.  The result is always that what’s said at the end of the line has little to no resemblance of what was said at the beginning. While yesterday might have started out with good intentions for you, here are three things that cancelled out all your great efforts and intentions. It was one moment Driving back with a friend from a meeting, he shared with me that his supervisor took him to lunch to thank them for his service.  Over lunch, he shared how grateful he genuinely was for all the extra effort that … [Read more...]