The Skills That Power Successful Personal Brands

Guest Post by Martin Yate, CPC Author of Knock 'em Dead: Secrets & Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World We hire the operations exec that keeps calm under pressure; we don't hire the candidate who holds his knife and fork like weapons. We like the powerful talker, but we offer the job to the guy who's persuasive and who listens, because he'll gather the insights to consistently the solve problems that are at the heart of every job. Each day, with our words, actions, body language, dress, social graces and emotional intelligence, we emit a constant stream of communication messages that dictate the professional world's perception of us. Landing jobs, winning promotions and the achievement of lasting professional success are impossible without good communication skills. In fact, the success of your every interaction with the professional world is determined by mastery of eight specific communication skills. Each exerts a subtle but significant impact on your every … [Read more...]