Is Your Brand, Camera Ready?

Your executive presence, your image, and reputation all make up your personal brand! Add to these, your video brand. I like to say "get comfortable with being uncomfortable “on camera. Why? Because video is now way more important in building your brand than words, audio or pictures. People want to feel a connection with you and video is the best way to achieve that. Here is an example of my bio that I put into video. I'm told that clients get a "sense" of who I am and what I do, with the added benefit of feeling they kinda, sorta know me just from watching. Check it out and consider doing something similar for your department, company, or using video to send a message to clients. What’s the benefit? By recording a brief video, in a few short minutes you’re able to give people a glimpse of who you are. You can bring to life the story you tell in your LinkedIn profile or in your online posts. You can present your authentic brand and re-purpose that digital real estate in multiple … [Read more...]

Proper Grammar is Important in Business Communication

Effective communication is an integral aspect for any business setup. Management and staff often keep each other updated with the latest reports and news pertaining to the business, and external communications with clients and suppliers are also regularly done. In the course of all these, it is important that you always use proper grammar in all your business communications. It is a standard that the management should practice and demand from all its employees to maintain the good reputation of the business and to propel the business to success. To understand this better, here are the advantages of using proper grammar in all communications. A professional approach Poor grammar is one of the reasons why customers avoid certain companies. When users visit your website and read poorly constructed sentences, the initial impression would be that the site and the company behind it are not trustworthy. This is why it is always important that you check and proofread your work before … [Read more...]

Who You Like – Built by Association

While many brands are concerned with the number of “likes” that their own personal brand social sites gain, there is another type of “like” that is affecting you as well. Have you ever considered what topics, pages, and brands you “like” on social sites like Facebook? Those likes may be affecting your brand’s image more than you might consider. With the variety of subject material on social sites, it’s easy to get caught up liking new pages and brands without first investigating them. Even if they turn out to be un-relatable to your personal brand, we may like them at the moment, or something on them, or even simply because a friend recommended we liked them. This is one of the many reasons why it’s so important to regularly clean up your social sites. What apps are obsolete? Which pages fail to represent your brand’s values or interests effectively? Basically, your “likes” are building a profile with your social account that is ancillary to your brand’s established … [Read more...]

Spring Clean Your Personal Brand

With spring here, many of us are going to be doing some cleaning around the office. Perhaps we’re focused on getting rid of a little clutter or even searching for some of those important tax-receipts and documents. But, there’s another area of your business that should be focused on as well. In truth, the online world has a great deal of clutter associated with it. With all the social networks, widgets, apps, and other online tools available, it can be easy to incorporate them into your brand, and then forget about a few on occasion. And, not all of them are forgotten, since some can become obsolete or even inactive. But, the online world remembers everything, and there are undoubtedly a few things that need to be cleaned up this spring. Online devices and services One of the focus points of your cleanup process should be the tools you don’t use anymore. Your brand is still associated with them, and they could even be costing you financially as well. Check out what devices and … [Read more...]

Why Did I Do MySpace and How Do I Undo It?

With the advancement of the social world, we’ve been introduced to networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. But often, we neglect the older ones that may have gone overlooked and forgotten with time. One such social network is MySpace, which was once a very prominent method of individual interaction. Users posted crazy pictures of themselves, decorated it with wild content, and weren’t as concerned with it becoming a part of their lives later on. But as a brand, a site like this can become something you don’t want hurting your image or reputation. It may be a matter of failing to provide the right image, or it could be that you no longer have access to the original email used to set up the site. Regardless of what reason, the fact that MySpace pages aren’t easy to delete without any access means you’re stuck with it on your rankings. Locate the problem This is one of the most difficult issues to confront in the online world, especially if a link carries your name. … [Read more...]