Creating The Connection: Being A Mentor Builds Your Brand

Here are 3 tips for being a great mentor. 1 – Set the stage Be clear with your mentee what expectations you have for the relationship. It’s a two-way street – and both of you should understand the rules of the road. When will you meet? How often? What if one of you has to reschedule? What agenda will you follow? Clear communication up front ensures an enjoyable mentoring relationship. Currently several Fortune 500 organizations are using Monday Morning Leadership for Women as their guide for 8 mentoring sessions. 2 – Be vulnerable That means be authentic. Your sessions are focused on the mentee… sharing HOW you succeeded and offering your wise counsel to help your mentee be more effective in their role. Sometimes it’s helpful to share things you would have done differently or mistakes you made along the way. 3 – Be a good listener When your mentee wants to tell all – listen to all. Unless, of course, they are “caught in their story” too long. Believe in the person and … [Read more...]

8 Qualities of a 5-star Personal Branding Expert

A few days ago, I was sitting at my desk working on a Personal Branding workshop I’m holding in a non-profit in a month, and suddenly I asked myself, “Apart from knowledge, what qualities should a super-professional Personal Branding strategist possess?” So, I thought I might go ahead and compile a list of 8 qualities of a 5-star Personal Branding expert, which can act as a guideline and reminder both to myself and all my colleagues who coach clients.   1) Active listening Well, listening can be done on three levels: subjective (listening while relating the story to ourselves), objective (listening and trying to focus on the client’s agenda), and intuitive (Nancy Mueller says that intuitive listening means the ability to read between the lines, to pick up on the unspoken clues that hint at a larger story behind the words). A 5-star Personal Branding expert always tries to look for what is and is NOT being said and tries to extract information that may not be evident at first. … [Read more...]

How to measure the metrics that matter on LinkedIn.

“What’s measured improves.” - Peter Drucker, world-leading management consultant. Clients will often ask me “How can I measure the effectiveness of my profile?” It’s easy to focus on the various LinkedIn metrics available. These include the: ♦ All-Star rating. ♦ Your profile’s ranking. ♦ The number of people who have viewed your profile. In general, people tend to spend a lot of time trying to achieve an All-Star rating. The purpose of the all-star rating is to encourage you to complete your profile. Yes, you do want to complete it. Yet if the content doesn’t position you for your future, your profile will give you more of what you’ve received in the past. Jeff Bladt and Bob Filbin wrote in their post for the Harvard Business Review  "There is a difference between numbers and numbers that matter." One of the most important steps in beginning to make decisions with data is to pick the right metrics. Beside the metrics already highlighted, there are some other … [Read more...]

Are You Committed To Your Personal Brand?

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” ~Kenneth Blanchard If you had breakfast this morning, the chicken participated but the pig was committed! Here’s a client’s example of commitment to demonstrating and using his personal brand. I recently worked with a senior executive in one of the big four financial services firms who was definitely committed. This man has a huge responsibility with deadlines pulling him daily in many directions. Yet from the beginning he took to heart everything he learned in our coaching sessions. Each time we met he made the commitment to complete his action items—which he DID…each and every time. The longer we worked together developing his personal brand, the more he saw benefit both personally and professionally. Here are a few outcomes of his commitment: 1. He grew his … [Read more...]

Managing Your Online Reputation: 5 Key Details to Consider Before Using Social Media

If social media is a part of your business strategy, it’s important to make sure it’s working for and not against you. We’ve all seen the damage done online from people sharing inappropriate material. While they say, “All publicity is good publicity,” those who are concerned about consciously and responsibly managing their personal brand would likely take a more planned approach. Any and all decisions about how you use social media are yours, alone, to make. That being said, when you want to manage your brand and make sure it’s the best it can be, there are several mistakes to avoid. After all, whether you have a career or run your own business, you have a limited amount of time, money and energy. Anything you do to invest in you and your brand should be a benefit – something that works in your behalf and for the long term. So what types of mistakes are there to avoid? Actually, there are more than can possibly be described in this short article. However, here are a few to … [Read more...]