Winning the Bias Game after a Personal Leave

In the game of basketball, fans typically have preconceived notions about short players, despite the fact that 5’9” Isaiah Thomas of the Denver Nuggets delivers the goods game after game.  Although Thomas is proof that short players perform at a high level, the bias against players of small stature persists. In the working world, biases exist too.  People who take a leave from work — whether due to having a baby, caring for an ill or elderly relative, sick child, or another reason — face several preconceived notions, and an uphill battle for respect, prize projects, and promotions once they return to work. If you’ve taken a leave, it’s important to be aware of these misconceptions and work actively to counteract them to raise your personal brand at work. Let’s look at five impressions that employers have of those who take a personal leave, and what you can do during and after your leave to counteract them. 1. Impression: You won’t be as interested in the job or organization. … [Read more...]