Do You Talk Politics on Social Media? Here’s How to Protect Your Brand

Ah, election season. The time of year when you don’t need novelas or water cooler chat for some drama. You can lounge on the couch watching TV and, boom, a perfectly placed commercial slips in ending with “I am so and so, and I approve this message.” (Uh huh, as if it was hard to guess.) Yup, it’s upon us full throttle—and you can’t avoid it. So what do you do when the subject of politics comes up? If you’re at work, you may try to keep your opinions pretty neutral, depending on who’s in the conversation, because you never really know what others think. Yet, even when you talk to friends in a “safe space,” you may realize you have very different views. Throw social media into the mix—where you have even a broader range of opinions—and you learn more about people’s political views than you ever cared to know. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing on a topic. But let’s face it, differences can make you judge someone—even if you don’t realize it. It’s like when I tell … [Read more...]

Does your business card communicate your personal brand?

Last week John Baird, Foreign Secretary and one of the Canadian governments leading figures, caused a bit of storm with a recent business card re-design. He seems even to have strayed from the 'brand standards' that are recommended and his Chief of Staff even had to sign a disclaimer to formally acknowledge that his office was advised against the changes. There is always the challenge of wanting to have a business card that best communicates your brand, but it also has to be remembered when representing an organization that the card also has to convey their brand - even when it comes to Government. In a rush to stamp his own brand on the card, Baird seems to have committed three sins of business card design: 1. He actually had the 'Canada' word and brand of the flag removed entirely from the card. If you represent a well recognised brand have that on your card, it adds to your credibility. 2. He changed it to a unlingual card, not having the reverse done in French, … [Read more...]

And the new Premier of Ontario is….LIKEABLE??!!

The provincial election in Ontario, Canada is a little over a week away and depending on which poll you believe anyone of the three main parties could end up winning. But if it came down to backyard barbecue invitations instead of votes, National Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath would be the winner with 37% of respondents to an IPSOS Reid poll saying they would prefer to have her there. This compares with 32% for Progresive Conservative leader Tim Hudak and 31% for Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty. The reason...........? LIKEABILITY. With all three leaders so closely matched it's this emotional attribute of Horwath that makes her more appealing than the others. If you had asked in the same poll, what words people would use to describe each leader, the chances are a few would come up for all three words such as; Leader like Confident Ambitious Honest .... (well on second thoughts!) If all three posess the same words, then these are what we term rational attributes - … [Read more...]