International Bestselling Author, CC Chapman, Makes Amazing Things Happen at Reach Interview

Stuck in neutral and feeling unfulfilled, you find yourself rummaging through the self-help section at your local bookstore. Suddenly a book title catches your attention and you pull it off the shelf as though you were handling a new born baby. Could this be it? Could this self-help book actually help you, help you? If that book is entitled Amazing Things Will Happen then the answer is yes! Although the international bestselling author, C.C. Chapman never really set out to populate the shelves of the "self-help" section, he managed to package some modern wisdom into a modest sized publication sure to inspire positive change in your life. Indeed, the self-help section is the last place C.C. ever wanted to find someone reading his book. The project actually started out as a way for him to pass down some fatherly wisdom to his kids. To be honest, when I found out my favorite content marketing strategist was writing a self-help book, I cringed. After publishing the wildly successful … [Read more...]

#1 Placement Specialist, Tony Beshara, Explains Modern World of Resumes

If you are reading this post as a recent college graduate, you are likely job-hunting armed with your finely tuned resume. Tragically, if you are reading this post as a middle-aged professional in America you are likely job-hunting armed with your outdated resume (or at least know someone who is). These are troubling times where job security seems to be a fantasy. For my recent college graduates, landing your first job in this environment may be the toughest task you ever attempt. It is far more difficult to land a job when you’ve never had one than it is when you have had a job. The good news – you are armed with the most updated job searching techniques and knowledge. For my middle-aged, seasoned professionals, being forced back out into the job hunt is demoralizing and terrifying. You likely have a family to support, a mortgage to pay, and kids gearing up for college. The good news – you are experienced. The question is: How can both of these competing classes land jobs in … [Read more...]

Gina Rudan Explains Practical Genius During Reach Interview

What would you say if I told you that you are a genius? Usually people respond to this type of flattery with a modest, humble response. Most people wouldn't consider themselves to be a genius at all. This is because we tend to measure genius by those who appear in history books or score above 160 on an IQ test. It's time we redefine genius and come to the realization that we are all geniuses in our own right. Albert Einstein was certainly a genius but could he lead a football team like Tim Tebow? Of course not. We each have our own type of genius that we must tap into in order to fulfill our true potential. The process of discovering your genius is best described by Gina Rudan, author of Practical Genius. Gina Rudan is our distinguished guest for the Reach Personal Branding Interview October 13, 2011 at noon EST. Gina will be having an interactive, one-hour long conversation with William Arruda, the founder of Reach Personal Branding. During the discussion, Gina will teach you how … [Read more...]

Seth Godin Shakes Things Up At September Reach Interview Series

What would the world look like if more people started projects, made a ruckus, and took risks? This question was asked by marketing legend Seth Godin in his recent best-seller, Poke The Box. This question stirs the soul and makes you think about a world without fear or crippling doubts. How much greater would our world be with the book you were meant to write, the business you were meant to establish, or the invention you have on paper but never pursued? Are you ready to be pushed beyond your comfort zone? Are you ready to reach your highest potential? Are you ready to learn how to "poke the box?" Seth Godin is our honored guest for the Reach Personal Branding Interview September 15, 2011 at noon EST. Seth will be having an interactive, one-hour long conversation with William Arruda, the founder of Reach Personal Branding. During the discussion, Seth will teach you how to poke the box, lead a tribe, and become a linchpin. Success is never a straight line and as Seth … [Read more...]

Ken Blanchard Discusses Leadership During Reach Interview Series

Senior Executives have assessed that their workforce is operating at only 60% - 65% of their potential (The High Cost of Doing Nothing, 2009). Imagine for a moment that your entire workforce was actually working at their full potential. Think of the possibilities. The products made. The services offered. The customer experience enhanced. The revenue increased. If you’re wondering how to inspire your team to operate at their full potential, the answer you’re looking for is leadership. And there is no better person to talk to on the subject of leadership than Ken Blanchard. Ken Blanchard is our distinguished guest for the Reach Personal Branding Interview August 18, 2011 at noon EST. Ken will be having an interactive, one-hour conversation with William Arruda, the founder of Reach Personal Branding. During the discussion, Ken will explain how to lead at a higher level. The source of his teachings can be found in his aptly named book, Leading at a Higher Level. Ken expresses the … [Read more...]