3 Tips To Start Building a LinkedIn SEO Strategy

I was talking with a solopreneur who mentioned they had recently search engine optimised (SEO) their website. I asked her if she had search engine optimised her LinkedIn profile. Her response was she hadn’t actually thought about it. As I explained, LinkedIn, first and foremost, is a search engine. It’s similar to Google in that it’s designed for people to use to search for what they’re looking for. Not only does this mean that you can turn up in a search result in LinkedIn; you can also turn up in a Google search if you optimised your profile. Gravitate Online reported that 94% of web visitors don't go beyond the first page of their search results. The advantage of this is that you can beat your competitors, even if they’re large organisations, in a Google as well as a LinkedIn search. One of the first things you need to have in your profile is search engine optimisation, or SEO. SEO is about having the correct words in your profile so that you turn up in search … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Manage an Out of Control LinkedIn Account

"LinkedIn just brings me more work; work I don’t have time for." I recently worked with a client who was a human resources manager. During the consultation, we talked about LinkedIn and he revealed to me that he doesn’t log in to his LinkedIn account any more, as: “It is just bringing me more work; work I don’t have time for.” He said his inbox was flooded with requests to connect and suppliers wanting his companies’ business. He saw LinkedIn as a medium that gave him more work and people who wanted things from him. He didn’t know how to control his account for his own benefit. This client is not alone. In a recent article on InfoWorld (infoworld.com), professional developer Peter Wayner said of LinkedIn: "It's sure cool and it's fun to look at hierarchies, but I've never had much luck with using it for more than idle curiosity." David Linthicum, consultant and CTO of Blue Mountain Labs, has a more positive spin. He uses LinkedIn several times a day to "get the 411 on … [Read more...]

Don’t Tell People Who You Are, Show Them What You Are About

Let me tell you a personal story that demonstrates this important distinction between show and tell. I lead periodic webinars for coaches and have one coming up this month. At Reach, we have several lists we use to notify coaches. I have a personal list of coaches who attended this really fun presentation I did for the ICF with 600 email addresses on it. So rather than contact them from the Reach email, I sent an email from my personal account - letting all 600 coaches know about the webinar and how to sign up. Well, there was something in that email that made my email service system go crazy. At first, it did not send. Then, when it did, it sent the email 46 TIMES! That’s right 46 times to each recipient. Yikes! I could not have felt worse. I began sending out apologies and responding to the barrage of incoming email I received. My stomach was in knots. The range of responses from the email recipients was vast – from no response to wrath. Some people ignored it. Others asked to … [Read more...]

Register Now! Learn About the Latest Personal Branding Trends and the Reach Certification Programs

On September 30th! Learn the Latest Personal Branding Trends and all about Reach Certification programs! Join Personal Branding Guru, William Arruda, on Monday, September 30, 2013 at 11 am Eastern-US for a fun, lively, content-packed session all about personal branding. He’ll share: Important trends that will impact your brand Information about the all-new Reach certification programs Ways Reach is serving the industry thru its leading-edge products If you’re interested in personal branding or considering joining our global community of Reach-certified Personal Branding Strategists, register now! You’re guaranteed to walk away with something you can use immediately to increase your success! Space is limited, so REGISTER HERE. ASK YOUR QUESTIONS William is reserving at least 15 minutes to answer your questions about personal branding! LEARN ABOUT OUR NEW CERTIFICATION COURSES We have two all new certification courses starting in October. William will … [Read more...]

Personal Branding Interview for Reputation.com

Here’s an excerpt from my interview about personal branding with reputation.com Think brand development is something that only big corporations do? Think again. Whether it's a business brand or your personal brand, competition is fierce, and you need the boost that recognition brings. William Arruda knows a thing or two about brand development. He should; he's the founder and President of Reach, and his Personal Branding Blog, is brimming with relevant, practical information. EntrepreneurMagazine calls Arruda the Personal Branding Guru, and we're lucky enough to have a few minutes of his time. How can you know if your brand or branding idea is something the public wants? With social media, it's easy to test your idea and get feedback. You don't need to invest in a lot of market research. I believe everyone can benefit from personal branding. It's a matter of understanding what makes you relevant and compelling. What if you want to change your brand? The first … [Read more...]