5 Reasons to Embrace Criticism of Your Personal Brand

What drives your personal brand? Do you have the tenacity to pedal onward even in the face of critics, naysayers, and scoffers? Can the strengths that drive you also land you flat on your face? Once again these questions bring to mind another great Lance commercial. http://youtu.be/ph6Gd2Cg4gc Recently, my fellow Reach colleagues have shared along these lines. Richard Anderson's post on this blog reminds us that an overused strength can become a weakness. In a recent issue of YOUnique, William Arruda says it is not all about strengths because if you have weaknesses that will impede your success, you need to resolve them. Critics See Your Brand Through Their Own Lens What you see as driving your brand may very well be criticized by others. Your critics will see your brand through their own lens of reality and make a judgement call. If you are driven by confidence, will it be seen as arrogance? Will your natural or gifted ability label you as a doper or cheat? Can your … [Read more...]