Do You Talk Politics on Social Media? Here’s How to Protect Your Brand

Ah, election season. The time of year when you don’t need novelas or water cooler chat for some drama. You can lounge on the couch watching TV and, boom, a perfectly placed commercial slips in ending with “I am so and so, and I approve this message.” (Uh huh, as if it was hard to guess.) Yup, it’s upon us full throttle—and you can’t avoid it. So what do you do when the subject of politics comes up? If you’re at work, you may try to keep your opinions pretty neutral, depending on who’s in the conversation, because you never really know what others think. Yet, even when you talk to friends in a “safe space,” you may realize you have very different views. Throw social media into the mix—where you have even a broader range of opinions—and you learn more about people’s political views than you ever cared to know. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing on a topic. But let’s face it, differences can make you judge someone—even if you don’t realize it. It’s like when I tell … [Read more...]

How To Protect Your Brand From Trolls On LinkedIn

If you ever have to question whether or not you should accept a connection request on LinkedIn, proceed like you’re dipping fruit in a chocolate fondue while wearing all white. In my attempt to give a questionable member a chance, I was reminded to follow my gut when accepting requests. The warning signs continued upon accepting his invitation. After I sent an email to welcome him to my network, as I do with all my connections, his response was this: “Your posts are amazing! You are a special person with a lovely light about you.” Okay, a little intense, but innocent enough and not grounds to remove him from my network...yet. Then he started digging through my old articles and writing long comments, referring back to his business. This seemed less innocent, as we were in the same industry. My final straw was when he decided to comment on a LinkedIn makeover presentation on my profile. His “feedback” was more like a soliloquy that slammed my professional advice. I can take … [Read more...]

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Build Your Personal Brand

Image courtesy of Shella Scarborough/Flickr Did you know that your LinkedIn profile will most likely be the first or second link that shows up when someone googles your name? Yup, that means recruiters, colleagues, and potential business connections have probably checked out your profile at some point to get the scoop on you. Now the opinion of everyone who looks at your profile may not matter. But how you come across to others for potential career opportunities certainly should. Here’s the thing: You must have an impressive LinkedIn profile if you’re interested in accessing new career opportunities and making more money. A good profile is not a nice to have if you want to build your personal brand; it’s a requirement. As a personal brand strategist, I‘ve helped many professionals qualify for high-caliber positions by creating powerful LinkedIn profiles that gets them noticed. Here’s a peak into my process that you can apply to your own profile. 1. Pick a Good … [Read more...]