Ten Days to Creating Your Personal Brand Identity System

Your personal brand identity system is an important tool for consistently communicating your brand. It’s the visual vocabulary for your brand.

Day 1:  Know Your Brand
Get clear on your brand attributes. What are your personality characteristics? If you are not clear, you can document your own personal brand attributes with 360Reach: www.reachcc.com/360v5register

Remember, when you’re communicating on behalf of your company, you need to use their brand identity system. What you’re developing as part of this ’10-days to a stronger personal brand’ is your personal brand identity system.

Day 2:  Choose Your Font
Select your font. First decide if a serif or sans serif font is right for you. Then select your font. Here is a link to an excellent article that will help you choose the font that is right for you: http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/choosing-the-right-font-a-practical-guide-to-typography-on-the-web/

Day 3:  Understand Your Brand Color
Colors communicate attributes. Choose a brand color that represents your personal brand attributes. Watch this video to find the color that best expresses your brand: bit.ly//brandcolor

Day 4:  Get Specific on Color
Now that you have decided on a color, it’s time to choose a shade and hue. Here is a link to a web color chart to help: http://html-color-codes.com/ You’ll want to use the color you select color consistently.

Day 5:  Choose Images.
Decide on whether you would like to use graphic images or photographic images. Browse sites like istockphoto.com to find images you think best reflect your brand.

Day 6:  Get a Headshot
Get a professional headshot. Use a professional photographer and get a few different pictures that you can use in various online profiles and get a Flickr account for all your headshots and other professional photos.

Day 7:  Create Your Personal Brand Identity Guide
Document your personal brand identity system.  Every company has a Brand Identity Guide; you should too. Create a folder (with the label PBID) on your computer and when you come across items that express your brand, store them in your PBID folder.

Day 8:  Create Templates
Apply your brand identity system to your MS Word, Powerpoint,, Keynote, Pages and email template. This will ensure you use it consistently.

Day 9:  Update Your Social Media Sites
Apply your brand ID to your online ID sites. Customize your YouTube Channel, create a site at about.me, customize your Blog or web site, etc.

Day 10:  Get Creative
Think about other ways to incorporate it into your communications. When selecting Thank You cards or stationery, think about your brand identity system to ensure a consistent and cohesive look and feel.