Ten Days to Establishing and Achieving Your Goals

Goals are a key component of the personal branding process because they give your brand direction. Take one action each day for the next ten – and you’ll be well on your way to identifying, documenting and achieving your goals!

Day 1: Watch
Watch this video about the importance of goals in the personal branding process: http://www.personalbranding.tv/personal-branding-turn-your-goals-into-gold/

Day 2: Collect
Gather any info about your goals you may have documented. This could include the personal objectives you likely submit to your company annually or results from any goals exercises you may have done.

Day 3: Soul-Search
Think. Take time to reflect about what you would like to accomplish in your career. We rarely make time to sit back and think about what we really want to achieve. Today, pen in your calendar 15 – 30 minutes to think about all the things you would like to achieve in your career.

Day 4: Think Long-term
Establish a long-term goal for your career. That means, think about what you would like your entire professional career to look like. Using the results of your ‘goals meditation’ from yesterday – ask yourself this question: What would you like to accomplish at the end of your career? Document your long-term goal.

Day 5: Establish Milestones
Now, take the goal you established yesterday and think about the major milestones that will be critical to achieving that goal. For example, if your ultimate career goal is to be the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of your company, think about the roles you must have, skills you must master and experience you must gain to be considered to be the CMO.

Day 6: Prioritize
Now, take the milestones from above and put them in chronological order as best you can. Some may be able to be accomplished at the same time and some may not have a specific order, but do the best you can to create a reasonable chronology of major career milestones.

Day 7: Break Them Down
Now, take the first or first few milestones and break those into tasks that you can accomplish over the coming year.

Day 8: Post and Read
Post your goals and read them regularly. Remember the Personal Branding TV video you watched at on day one? Now’s the time to take advantage of the power of the RAS.

Day 9: Turn Tasks to Action
Put tasks on your do-list so achieving these goals becomes a priority. Otherwise your career goals will always take the back seat to responding to emails, attending meetings and listening to voicemail messages.

Day 10: Refine and Revise
People change. Things around us change. In fact, the only constant is change. You need to review and confirm, refine or discard your goals regularly.