Ten Days to Positioning Yourself

To position yourself, you need to know yourself, your peers or competitors and your target audience. Take one action each day for the next ten – and you’ll be well on your way to positioning yourself for career success!

Day 1: Review Goals
Your goals give your brand direction. They help you identify your target audience and your competition so it’s critical that you be crystal clear about what you would like to accomplish. Know your goal.

Day 2: Know Your Competition
Identify who else might be pursuing that goal. You need to know among whom you are standing so you can stand out.

Day 3: Know What Connects You
Identify the things that are the same about you and your peers/competitors. What do you have in common?

Day 4: Know What Sets You Apart
Identify the things that set you apart from your peers. What makes you stand out? Differentiation is critical to positioning.

Day 5: Define Your Target Audience
Think about your goal (Day 1) and identify people who need to know you (and those who influence them) so you can reach that goal. They will likely be people inside your organization and outside your company. Who will make decisions about you?

Day 6: Identify Your Differentiation
Go back to your list from Day 4 and think about your target audience. Identify what differentiates you from your peers and at the same time is compelling to those who are making decisions about you.

Day 7: Bolster your Differentiation
Integrate the compelling differentiation you identified on Day 6 into everything you do – every day. How can you re-think what you to make it clear it is coming from you? You must leave your mark on everything you do!

Day 8: Document Your Brand Positioning Statement
Write a positioning statement that describes what you do, for whom and what makes you different.

Day 9: Test It
Test your positioning statement with those whom you respect – your mentor or coach, manager, colleagues, etc.

Day 10: Refine.
Based on the feedback you received, refine your brand positioning statement. Then post the final version somewhere where you will see it every day as a reminder of your unique prom¬ise of value.



  1. William, you are a genius at making the complex simple about branding. This list brings out the critical importance of differentiating your brand. For my clients, it means uncovering the authentic attributes, skills, interests, and abilities that characterize one CIO as different from other CIOs and one Project Manager from others PMs. And making sure that differentiation is relevant and valuable to the employer.


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