Ten Days to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is perhaps the most important social network for career-minded professionals. Take one action each day for the next ten – and you’ll be well on your way to building an enviable LinkedIN profile!

Day 1:  Get Clear
Know what you want your profile to say. Answer this question: What do you want people to know about you after having visited your LinkedIN profile? Document the words and feelings you want your profile to evoke.

Day 2:  Update Your Summary
Your Summary is one of the most important elements of your LinkedIN Profile. You want it to truly describe who you are and what makes you exceptional. If you haven’t already, update your bio – infusing it with your personal brand. Then use your updated bio as the source content for your LinkedIn summary. Make it compelling and relevant to those who are making decisions about you and replete with words and a style that expresses your personality.

Day 3:  Post Your Photo
Web searchers are more likely to believe content if there is a photo of the person it is about. Get a professional headshot if you don’t already have one. People ignore LinkedIn profiles without photos. If your head is slightly turned, ensure it is turned to the right – looking into your content.

Day 4: Join Groups
Belonging to groups has two benefits. First, it connects you with others who share your interests, experiences and expertise. Second, it says something about you to those who are reading your LinkedIn profile. Join alumni groups, groups related to your area of expertise, geographic groups, etc.

Day 5:  Combine Toot with Tout
Get recommendations. This may take some time, but it’s worth it!. It’s great to have others speak on your behalf. LinkedIn recommendations allow you to get others to share their experience in working with you. Instead of tooting your own horn get others to tout your value.

Day 6:  Give Recommendations
Take some time to acknowledge the members of your network. Give honest, thoughtful feedback without being asked. The best way to expand your network is through generosity. And often, giving recommendations yields recommendations in return.

Day 7:  Use the Right Plugins
There are lost of ways to enhance your profile and bolster your brand using the Plugins from LinkedIn partners. If you want to let people know you are global, Tripit is a great app to add. If you want to embed a video in your profile, install the Google Docs app. To let people know what you’re reading, install the Amazon app.

Day 8:  Get Vain
Secure and use your vanity name. In your profile settings, you can change the direct link to your profile to look like this: LinkedIn/in/yourname. Then, you can use this as your primary professional web presence and include this link in your email signature and in all of your career marketing communications.

Day 9:  Select Your Top Three
LinkedIn allows you to link to three external sites to augment your profile content. Identify your three sites and incorporate them. You might want to link to your web site or Blog if you have one or to a YouTube video, a whitepaper you wrote or an article in which you were quoted.

Day 10:  Link, Link, Link.
Connect with current and past colleagues, managers, clients, etc. Connect with all the members of the groups you have joined. Connect with others who share your interests and expertise. This task occurs on Day 10 because you want your profile to be outstanding before you start inviting people to look at it!



  1. William, 10 very solid action steps for anyone new to LinkedIn. Also a great reminder to Link, Link, Link and maintain both relationships and your LinkedIn profile. Thanks!

  2. Ten great tips William. LinkedIn is definitely the business network to use for job search in many countries across the globe.

    One additional step I would add when people have updated their profile is to ensure that they take the time to review their public settings so that they manage their visibility in the search engines, setting up their branded URL which makes it easier to refer people to their profile from their resume or CV.


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