Ten Days to Writing a Compelling Branded Bio

Your most valuable and versatile career marketing tool is your branded bio. It helps you build your brand when you aren’t there and it accompanies your thought-leadership content. Take one action each day for the next ten – and you’ll be well on your way to a stellar branded bio.

Day 1:  Source Content
Dust off your latest bio (even if it has been years since you have updated it). Chances are, you haven’t updated it in a while. Search for the most current version you have. Use the longest version you can find (your complete bio). Also collect stories of accomplishments and the impact those accomplishments have made in your career.

Day 2:  Understand the Outcome
Document the three key takeaways for your readers. What do you want it to say? How do you want readers to feel? What do you want them to do next?

Day 3:  Inject Personality
Decide on what personality characteristics you want to communicate. Look at your 360Reach Personal Brand Assessment (www.reachcc.com/360V5register) results and identify those attributes that are the most compelling and differentiating.

Day 4:  Update It
Update your latest bio (from Day 1) using your top three takeaways and being mindful of the personality characteristics you would like to convey. Write it so it highlights your greatest accomplishments, communicates the value you deliver and exudes your true personality. Make readers want to get to know you!

Day 5:  Test It
Share your new draft with three members of your brand community – people you respect. Ask for their feedback. Does it express who you are? Would it make others want to get to know you? Does it exude your brand?

Day 6:  Refine It
Make edits based on input from your brand community. Their input is essential to polishing your bio so that it sparkles for those who read it.

Day 7:  Shorten
Create a short (one paragraph) version of your bio for social networking sites. Up to now, you have been working with a long-form version. Decide what content is most important and what you can eliminate.

Day 8: Further Shorten
Create a third version – a two to three-line version that will follow articles you write and accompany other thought-leadership content.

Day 9:  Apply it
Update all versions of your bio – on your corporate intranet, your social networking sites, etc.

Day 10:  Review and Revise
Review your bio at least every six months – updating it so it remains authentic, relevant, compelling and in-line with your aspirations.



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