Ten Reasons to Make 2012 The Year of Your Brand

The benefits of branding have been realized by companies for ages, but branding is not just for companies and products on the grocery store shelf.  Today, everything is a brand and the concept of personal branding has been around for 15 years! Isn’t it time you thought about yourself as a brand?

Here are ten reasons why you should make 2012 the Year of Your Brand:

1.  Increase Your Self Awareness
The first step in personal branding is to develop a clear understanding of who you are, what you are great at and what motivates you. By knowing yourself and what you really want from your career and in life, you can develop a plan to achieve it.

2.  Build Your Confidence
Personal branding gives you permission to be yourself – your best self – and to achieve tremendous success. By being your authentic self and seeing the positive feedback you receive, you become more comfortable in your own shoes. The most exciting byproduct of the personal branding process is increased confidence.

3.  Stand Out
Branding is about differentiation. It means knowing your unique promise of value so you can stand out from others who seemingly do what you do and greatly expand your success. Just as Volvo is differentiated from other car companies by its promise of safety, you too can communicate your unique promise of value and achieve your goals.

4.  Become Known
By clearly, consistently and constantly living your brand (the Three Cs of Branding – Learn more here: http://www.personalbranding.tv/the-three-cs-of-a-strong-personal-brand/) and integrating it into all that you do, you make a mark and become visible to the people who need to know you.

5.  Thrive
Strong brands not only survive, they thrive during challenging times. Strong brands who offer something unique remain in demand. This puts you in control of your career or business.

6.  Create a Clearer Focus
By understanding your brand, you can create a laser-like focus on your goals and develop the milestones to achieve them.

7.  Increase Your Wealth
Ever wonder why you pay $4.50 for a Starbucks coffee when you can pay $1.50 at the cafe down the street? It’s the strength of the brand and the unique experience Starbucks delivers. You can benefit financially from the strength of your brand, too. Strong brands earn more.

8.  Struggle Less, Achieve More
By living your brand, you create opportunities. You struggle less because you have a clear road map of where you are going and how your brand can get you there. You know what is on- and off-brand for you. When you align who you are with what you do and how you do it, you’re unstoppable.

9.  Expand Your Business or Career
Strong Brands have permission to extend into new areas. Just as Starbucks is offering teas, sells coffee makers and making ice cream, with a strong brand, you too can extend what you’re doing.

10.  Reach Your Goals
The ultimate reason to uncover, express and nurture your brand is to achieve your professional goals. With your brand plan in place, you’ll know exactly what will propel you to professional success and personal fulfillment.