Ten Things You Probably Don’t Know About Reach Personal Branding

1.  Reach was founded in 2001 while I was living in Paris – making it one of the first five personal branding companies in the world, and the first in Europe.

2.  The Reach logo is comprised of two parts: The ® symbol, which acknowledges that we are all unique brands. The word ‘each’ – a further reminder of our individuality – speaks to the customized solutions we develop. Together, they spell Reach: To touch or grasp by stretching out or extending.  The logo was designed by award-winning creative director, Vartus.

3.  750,000 people have experienced 360Reach – the first and leading personal branding assessment. We are now running Version 5.0.

4.  More coaches in the world use the Reach personal branding methodology – 1-2-3 Success!™ – with their clients than any other.

5.  We have Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategists in 30 countries on five continents.

6.  Our most popular video “What Color is Your Brand?” has over 100,000 views (over several sites): bit.ly/brandcolor

7.  Reach has 14 independent contractors in eleven cities in the US and Europe.

8.  We have 20% of the Fortune 100 as clients and many global clients; and we work with most of the top Universities in the US. And with many in other parts of the world.

9.  Launched in 2010, Personal Branding TV (www.personalbranding.tv) is the first multi-media web site exclusively focused on personal branding. There are now over 200 video and audio files from me and the Reach-certified Personal Branding Strategists on the site.

10.  We have interviewed 50 authors and experts for our Reach Personal Branding Interview Series including Seth Godin, Ken Blanchard and Gretchen Rubin.



  1. Happy Birthday Reach! Congratluations William on achieving this milestone!Reach has clearly been transforming lives during these 10 years and contributed to the greater success of hundreds of thousands. I’m looking forward to hearing when 360 Reach helps its 1 millionth customer.

    Thank you for sharing these fun facts about Reach Personal Branding.

    Larry Boyer
    President, Success Rockets

  2. After reading Career Distinction the first time around, I knew I wanted to be part of such a great community of Personal Brand Strategists. A decade of great work and above all, lots of giving! On your birthday, I say thank you for being such a wonderful team!

  3. It is great to hear these 10 things; makes me feel more connected. Thanks for sharing and wanting to celebrate with us. I love it!

  4. Thank you William !!!

    we are doing a great work. I’ll send you feedback personally.
    It’s your birthday and like one of our common friend, Tony, says: