The Role LinkedIn Plays in Uncovering Career Goals

Did you know that the Department of Labor has estimated that by a time a person is 38 years old, they will have had between 10 and 14 jobs on average? For some people, they will follow the same career path, but others might choose to go in a different direction for a myriad of reasons: industry has offshored or downsized, want to pursue something new, and more.

Did you know that LinkedIn is a great resource for helping you to find job titles in an area of interest? If you are passionate about baseball, but don’t know the various job possibilities in that industry, you can run a keyword search and find like-minded people in that industry. You will be able to see their job titles, LinkedIn groups to which they belong, companies where they’ve worked, and have an opportunity to reach out to network.

Additionally, you can conduct  research  on targeted companies. LinkedIn incorporated the ability to “follow” companies a few months ago. If you are targeting certain companies for which you may see as part of your long-term career objective, this information is very valuable. You will not only find out what’s newsworthy, but you will also see when a person is promoted or has left the company and the job title they have just vacated. Ever wonder about how to “tap the hidden job market?” Well, here you have that access.

LinkedIn has so many features in addition to the professional networking aspect for people in career transition or management. Remember to define your long-term goal and determine the steps you will need to take to reach those goals. What are the job titles in-between Marketing Assistant/Intern to Chief Marketing Officer? Unleash the power of LinkedIn to discover the career titles and network you will need to achieve your ultimate vision.

Kristen Jacoway is the founder of Career Design Coach, providing professional speaking, training, and one-on-one consultation focused on next-generation career marketing services. She wrote the book, “I’m in a Job Search-Now What???” and the book has frequently ranked in the Top 100 in its’ category on Amazon.



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