Top Ten Social Media Dos for A Successful Job Search

1.  Uncover your personal brand
Know who you are, what separates you from your peers and what makes you relevant and compelling to hiring managers. You must be clear about your brand – your unique promise of value – before you build your career marketing plan.

2.  Design your personal brand identity system (PBID)
Select an appropriate font, color and set of images that reflects your brand and use it consistently to create recognition. That means, use it on your resume on your social networking sites, thank you notes, etc.

3.  Buy your domain name
Even if you do not have not plans to build your own web site, Blog or Vlog, get your domain name ( You can point it to your LinkedIn profile or other site on the web.

4.  Brand your bio
Your bio is the most important career marketing tool you have. Ensure it communicates what make you exceptional and exudes your personality. Make we want to meet you when I read it. Once you have a stellar branded bio, post it social networking sites.

5.  Get professional headshots
People want to connect a face with a name or profile. Make sure your headshot reflects the level of professionalism you will bring to prospective employers.

6.  Update LinkedIn/Get a personal portal
You need a home on the web that tells the whole story. You can you’re your LinkedIn profile or a customizable personal portal like or This becomes the one-stop shop for everything people want to learn about you.

7.  Register for Branchout
Branchout is LinkedIn for Facebook. It allows you to import your LinkedIn profile – so make sure it is up-to-date before building your Branchout profile. Branchout is going to be an extremely important tool for job seekers.

8.  Get testimonials/recommendations
Don’t toot your own horn. Get others to speak for you. LinkedIn and Branchout allow for connections to provide feedback about you. Having others speak about what makes you great is powerful.

9.  Create a YouTube channel
Video is the best tool to deliver a complete communication. Customize your YouTube channel and post professional videos of you that demonstrate your communications skills and allow people to get to know you.

10.  Get a videoBIO
A video Bio is the multi-media version of your branded bio. Use your branded bio to create a script and produce a two-minute video to introduce yourself to people who are evaluating you.



  1. Hi William,

    My name is Ali and I am BranchOut’s Community Manager. I wanted to clarify that we no longer have users upload a LinkedIn resume. Instead, we automatically import all Facebook job/edu information into your BranchOut profile.

    Uploading a .doc or .pdf is also an option. EASY!

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions and thanks for using BranchOut! 🙂


  2. Additional do for the author: Proofread and double check everything you attach your name to! Nothing denigrates your brand more than a presentation full of typos.

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