Top Ten Ways to Unearth The Brand Called YOU

The first step to building your personal brand is to gain a clear understanding of who you are: your values, passions and strengths.  Personal Branding is not spin or packaging, it’s about being authentic – using your unique talents to differentiate yourself and expand your success.

Here are ten tools you can use to uncover the true YOU.

1.  Know Your Personality
Take the Keirsey ( or Meyer’s Briggs personality profile.  When you read the results of your profile, highlight the words that resonate with you and that you believe clearly describe who you are.

2.  Listen
When people introduce you or talk about you to others, they often make powerful brand statements and use adjectives that clearly describe you. “This is Sherri – she’s our most creative technician.” Pay attention the next time you’re being introduced.

3.  Read StrengthsFinder2.0™
This book identifies the 34 different prevalent human strengths.  When you buy the book, you get access to a web-based assessment that reveals your top five strengths. You can combine your StrengthsFinder results with your 360Reach Personal Brand Assessment feedback:

4.  Go Back in Time
Re-read your performance evaluations from the past couple of years or your testimonials or recommendations from clients and ask yourself what they are really saying about you. Are there adjectives that are used frequently? Strengths that are clearly identified?

5.  Seek Feedback
Ask colleagues, clients, employees, friends, networking contacts, etc. what they think makes you stand out. People who know us are remarkably accurate at identifying those things that make us exceptional.

6.  Bring in the SWOT Team
Perform a personal SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats as they relate to your career goals. Then think about ways to maximize strengths, develop a plan to diminish weaknesses, create a strategy to maximize opportunities and a plan to mitigate weaknesses.

7.  Survey Your Brand Community
Solicit feedback specific about your brand attributes from your clients or managers. You can use the personal branding assessment I created – 360Reach —

8.  Build a Focus Group
Put together your own team of people who help you understand your brand and what it means to them.  This group can meet physically or can be a virtual group of people connected by the web.

9.  Be Strong
Take the Strong Interest Inventory.  It is an extremely useful tool for identifying preferences and passions.

10.  Work with a Coach
Sometime, uncovering your brand requires perspective and conversation. Coaches are trained to be able to ask the right questions and deliver insights that are critical to uncovering your brand.