Top Ten Willisms

By The Staff at Reach Personal Branding

William has his own way of speaking. He likes to use these short, often witty phrases that explain his views on personal branding. We call these Willisms. Here are our favorite ten:

1. “Personal Branding is not about being famous, it’s about being selectively famous.”
It’s critical to know your target audience and spend your time communicating to them – and only them.

2. “Strong brands often repel as many people as they attract.”
Trying to please all the people all the time is the opposite of branding.

3. “Fine is a four-letter word that begins with F.”
We are obsessed with fixing weaknesses when we should be maximizing strengths.

4. “Differentiate or disappear.”
It’s critical to contribute a unique ingredient – something that is only available from you.

5. “Build your brand in bits and bytes.”
It’s important to build and manage your brand on the web.

6. “Don’t Toot. Have others tout.”
Personal branding is not about chest pounding, you need to have others talking about how great you are.

7. “Be real before being virtual.”
It’s easy create content on the web – but to what end? Know who you are and what you want to say before you start publishing.

8. “Be lazy, it’s good for your Brand.”
People need to hear what you have to say over and over before they get the message. Re-purposing content and using different media to share the same content makes brand building easy and effective.

9. “Don’t be changin when you should be samin.”
Strong brands are consistent.

10. You can’t spell brand without the letter ‘C’.
All strong brand exhibit the three Cs of Brand communications: Clarity, consistency and constancy.



  1. Very clever!